soti mobicontrol logo 2In October 2023, Soti launched a completely new version of the MobiControl, version 2024, which is the successor to version 15.6. Soti has decided to change the version numbering of its products to better reflect the time of release.

Version 2024 contains a number of new features. These include the ability to export Android platform profiles in one MobiControl system and import them into another. This can be used to quickly transfer profiles between environments, reducing the need for repeated manual entry and reducing the potential for human error. Exports include all configurations (including lockdown screen definitions) and a list of packages used in the profiles. The actual packages need to be transferred separately.

Another new feature is the redesign of the MobiControl Search service. It is now called Soti Search and brings faster search and indexing speeds and better overall reliability.

Additional components of the MobiControl v2024 user interface have been migrated into the modern HTML5-based environment, including reports and rules (now policies) for file synchronization, device relocation, data collection, etc. The ability to view profiles that are assigned to a specific device group has been added. This eliminates the need for cross-referencing and lengthy browsing of profiles and devices.

Of course, there is much more to the innovation environment. For example, the ability to use IN and NOT IN operators when searching for devices, the ability to limit the number of devices enrolled by the selected enrollment policy, the ability to limit user access to device location information and collected data on the Location and Collected Data tabs.

MobiControl now allows real-time notifications to be provided to third-party applications. Webhooks activated via Soti Signal Policy are used for this purpose. The Soti administrator can define different events and conditions when the activation occurs. These conditions can also work with Custom Data objects.

For Android device management, there is an option to display video and images after a certain period of device inactivity (Device Inactivity Profile). This is particularly useful for information kiosks that display video when idle and display a customer application or a multi-application menu when tapped. The Device Inactivity Profile can also be used to increase device security by wiping application data after a period of inactivity.

MobiControl now allows you to generate QR codes for Android Enterprise device enrollment directly from the web console, which was previously only possible using third-party tools or the Soti Stage Programmer. The QR code can include Wi-Fi settings, selected system settings and Enrollment ID/URL.

When creating lockdown screens for Android devices using HTML templates, administrators can now use a preview of the screen in the web console without having to test each partial appearance modification on a physical device. The preview will also make it easier to select the right template for a specific purpose.

Using what is called OEMConfig to configure Android settings is now possible on Samsung, Zebra, Honeywell, Panasonic and Datalogic devices without installing the OEMConfig app from the Google Play store. On devices enrolled in Google Play-enabled MobiControl, the Soti profile OEMConfig can be applied, which offers equivalent options to the app.

Within Application Run Control, not only blacklists but now also whitelists can be defined on Android Enterprise devices. This allows administrators to prevent unwanted sharing of confidential information with third parties.

The assignment of Soti profiles can be scheduled for defined time periods in MobiControl v2024. This is useful, for example, if you need to lock a device into kiosk mode during working hours and deactivate kiosk mode outside working hours.

The Soti Surf web browser and the Soti Settings Manager application have also been improved. The latter allows, for example, manual time synchronization with the NTP server or control of the phone light (flash).

Soti also announced the discontinuation of support for some legacy operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista and Windows CE 4.2. The Self Service Portal will continue to be available only to users who use MobiControl together with Soti XSight.

More info about Soti MobiControl EMM system

Soti ConnectI would like to introduce Soti Connect - an enterprise tool for remote management of mobile and desktop printers from Zebra, Honeywell, Sato, Brother and other manufacturers.

Similarly to Soti MobiControl, we provide implementation and license sales.

More info about Soti Connect

Zebra TC73 / TC78Zebra introduced a new generation of ultra-rugged mobile terminals designed for advanced mobile solutions like video streaming, video calls, mobile dimensioning, augmented reality and scanning apps. The TC73/TC78 is built to handle 3 m drops to concrete and 2 000 tumbles. Its fast Qualcomm 6490 octa-core processor, with decent memory and storage provides sufficient power for running apps simultaneously. A 6-inch display is easy to see indoors and out, with sunglasses, when wet, and with gloves. Reliable wireless connections include Wi-Fi 6E, 5G and Bluetooth 5.2. The TC73/TC78 also supports Workstation Connect cradle using the Workstation Connect software, it can be easily connected to a large monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer etc. Premium configurations support capturing of parcel dimensions (Time of Flight sensor). It comes with a choice of scan engines - with the high performing SE4770 1D/2D scan engine, and the new generation SE55 1D/2D Advanced Range scan engine with IntelliFocus technology. The TC73/TC78 offers Mobility DNA tools and five years of product availability with a full 10 years of service and support.


  • 6-inch Full HD+ Edge-to-Edge display (1080 x 2160)
  • Qualcomm 6490 octa-core CPU, with a performance core running at 2.7 GHz
  • Memory options (RAM / Flash): 4 GB RAM / 64 GB UFS Flash or 8 GB RAM / 128 GB UFS Flash
  • Withstands multiple 3.05 m drops to concrete and 2,000 1 m consecutive tumbles
  • 5G (TC78 only), Wi-Fi 6E (TC73 / TC78) certified
  • SE55 1D/2D Advanced Range scan engine with IntelliFocus™ technology or SE4770 1D/2D scan engine
  • 16 MP Color Rear Camera with flash, 8 MP front camera, optical Image Stabilization available in premium models
  • Time of Flight (ToF) depth sensor available in premium and certified premium models
  • Android 11-14 support
  • Certification for augmented reality - ARCore
  • Multiple removable lithium-ion battery options: 4400 mAh standard battery, 4400 mAh Wireless Charge battery (TC78 only), 6600 mAh Extended Capacity, 4400 mAh BLE Beacon battery; fast
  • TC78 support wireless charging through a 4400 mAh Wireless Charge battery and Wireless Charge vehicle cradle
  • Zebra Device Tracker support with BLE beacon battery
  • True Hot Swap battery mode (premium models only), Warm Swap battery mode (standard models)
  • Zebra Workstation Connect Desktop Experience (Desktop Replacement)
  • USB-C Connector for charging anywhere
  • 10 years of support with 5 years of product availability and 5 additional years of service


soti xsight battery management smallSoti Inc. recently released XSight version 4.2. They have added multiple new features for tracking and managing Zebra PowerPrecision and PowerPrecision+ batteries as well as Panasonic FZ-N1, FZ-T1, FZ-L1, FZ-A3, and FZ-S1 batteries:

  • Battery Health Charts: Customize health criteria for your battery based on Battery Lasting a Shift, Remaining Capacity, Age and Battery Cycles
  • Battery Pools: Create custom battery groups to organize your fleet based on location, type and more
  • Customizable Shift Definition: Define shifts that fit your business and check which batteries will last each shift
  • Battery Lifecycle Management: Full visibility into different stages of a battery lifecycle each on a separate dashboard
  • New Batteries: Manage your new batteries inventory by importing newly purchased batteries into Smart Battery Dashboard before they are placed in any devices
  • Monitor In Use Batteries: Monitor the health and usage of batteries from the moment they are placed in the first device until they are decommissioned
  • Decommission Batteries: Decommission/recommission batteries and warn workers on use of malfunctioning batteries
  • Inventory Management: A holistic view of your entire battery pool and number of batteries in each lifecycle stage
  • Battery Spotlight: A detailed view of a single battery, including discharge rate and capacity data during any selected time window
  • Map batteries to devices: View a list of batteries that were used by any device and vice versa

More information about Soti XSight

Zebra ET40 a ET45

Zebra has launched the ET40 and ET45 enterprise tablets with three variants of an integrated barcode scanner and two display sizes, namely 8 and 10 inches.

The tablets are rugged - intended for use in medium-demanding enterprise applications and also they have a reasonable price tag. The ET40 models offer Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, while the ET45 has 5G mobile data connectivity in addition to Wi-Fi 6.


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon SM6375 octa-core processor
  • Long-term Android OS support: tablets are launched with Android 11, while in the future their support is expected up to Android 14
  • 8"/20.3 cm with a resolution of 1280x800 or 10.1"/25.7 cm with a resolution of 1920x1200; covered by Gorilla glass
  • 802.11ax adapter (Wi-Fi 6)
  • 2G/3G/4G and 5G mobile data connection (ET45; data only)
  • Bluetooth 5.1 class 2, BLE support
  • RAM/flash memory: 4/64 GB or 8/128 GB
  • Integrated barcode scanner versions: SE4100 1D/2D, SE4710 1D/2D; SE55 1D/2D (for scanning at extended distances)
  • 13 mpx rear camera with auto-focus and 5 mpx front camera
  • Drop resistance 1.2 m onto concrete (without protective cover), 1.55 m (with protective cover)
  • User-replaceable battery 6100 mAh (8" models) or 7600 mAh (10" models); optional secondary hot-swap battery 3400 mAh
  • Zebra Mobility DNA support including LifeGuard updates, Zebra StageNow, Enterprise Home Screen, DataWedge, RxLogger, etc.
  • Expansion slot for accessories connectivity
  • 6 years life cycle (3 years production + 3 years support)

Zebra TC53 and TC58Zebra has launched a new generation of TC5x enterprise mobile terminal series - the TC53 and TC58.
Compared to their predecessors, the TC53 (Wi-Fi only) and TC58 (Wi-Fi + mobile) have a completely new design and a number of hardware and software innovations.


  • Qualcomm 6490 octa-core processor with long-term Android OS support (starting at Android 11)
  • 6" Full HD+ display with vivid colors and Gorilla Glass for indoor and outdoor use
  • Wi-Fi 6E adapter with optimization for indoor use
  • 5G mobile technology (TC58 only)
  • Up to 8 GB RAM and 128 GB flash memory
  • SE4720 2D scanning module for barcode scanning at normal distances or SE55 module for scanning at longer distances
  • 16 mpx rear camera with optical image stabilization and 8 mpx front camera
  • 1.8 m drops to concrete with protective boot; 1.5 m drops to tile over concrete without protective boot
  • High capacity battery; extended battery, BLE battery and wireless charging battery options; warm swap (standard models) and hot swap (premium models)
  • Superior voice quality (3 integrated microphones)
  • Dedicated Push To Talk button
  • Mobility DNA support including LifeGuard updates, Zebra StageNow, Enterprise Home Screen, DataWedge, etc.
  • Wide range of accessories including trigger handle, RFID sled and cradle to create a mobile-driven workstation (allows connection of a monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer and more)
  • Life cycle 4 years of sales + 4 years of support

Zebra has introduced the world's smallest Android all-in-one solution - the WS50. This hands-free device combines a mobile terminal with 2-inch display with barcode scanning. It's available in two variants:

  • Converged Scanner - mounts on two fingers or the back of the hand
  • Wrist Mount - mounts on right or left wrist

Wearable terminals and ring scanners have traditionally been used in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing floors to maximize productivity in use cases that require hands-free operation. The WS50 Converged supports many of the same use cases, but in a one-piece solution that eliminates the need to manage a separate host device and paired scanner. The WS50 Wrist expands enterprise wearables into new use cases, such as task management and communications. With its enterprise-class features, Android operating system and rugged design, the WS50 Wrist can be deployed into unforgiving environments, such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers, as well as retail stores and hotels.

Zebra WS50 "Converged Scanner"WS50 "Converged Scanner" Features

  • Weight: Finger mount = 134 g; Back of Hand mount = 148 g
  • Android 11 AOSP
  • 1 GB RAM, 8 GB Flash
  • 2-inch, full color AMOLED touch display
  • Two programmable physical keys
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC
  • SE4770 high performance 1D/2D imager scan engine
  • 1300 mAh removable battery, with hot swap
  • Operating temperature from -10 °C to 50 °C
  • 6-foot drop to concrete, over the operating temperature
  • Integrated speaker and microphone

Zebra WS50 "Wrist Mount"WS50 "Wrist Mount" Features

  • Weight 112 g
  • Android 11 AOSP
  • 1 GB RAM, 8 GB Flash
  • 2-inch, full color AMOLED touch display
  • Four programmable physical keys
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC
  • 13 MP camera, for photos, video and barcode scanning
  • 800 mAh removable battery, with hot swap
  • Operating temperature from -10 °C to 50 °C
  • 4-foot drop to concrete, over the operating temperature
  • Integrated speaker and microphone – supports 3rd party push to talk applications

At this time, Android 11 is the only OS supported on the WS50. No future Android versions are committed on this platform. The WS50 does not support GMS. The following Mobility DNA tools are available on the WS50: DataWedge, StageNow, Enterprise Home Screen, Device Diagnostics, MX, OEMConfig, Device Tracker, Wireless Fusion and RxLogger.

The WS50 can support push to talk via the integrated speaker and microphone or via a Bluetooth headset. The physical side keys on the WS50 are programmable and can be mapped to a PTT application to initiate a push to talk session. While Zebra’s Workforce Connect solution is not currently supported on the WS50, the device is “push to talk ready” for 3rd party PTT apps.

Soti MobiControlSoti Inc. recently released MobiControl version 15.5. Here is the list of major news and changes.

  • Android Enrollment Policies (formerly called Add Device Rules) creation and management is migrated to the next-generation user interface. The new design provides a view of all Android Enrollment Policies in a list along with a detailed view of each policy. The Android Enrollment URLs have changed in this version of SOTI MobiControl. If you are upgrading MobiControl to this version, Enrollment URLs of the Enrollment policies created before the upgrade will continue to work.This backward compatibility is made possible with a new toggle in Global Settings under Enrollment Rules to redirect the old enrollment URLs to the new URL. However, the backward compatibility will end in a future version of MobiControl (released after 12 months). Soti recommends moving to the new URLs for all Android Enrollment policies as soon as possible to avoid any potential issues. Additionally, Google Chrome is required on the device side during the enrollment process.
  • Policy features have been migrated to the next-generation interface in SOTI MobiControl under the Policies menu item. All the existing policies such as App, Compliance, and Enrollment are listed along with legacy rules such as File Sync, Device Relocation, Data Collection, and Alerts.
  • Enterprise apps deployed as mandatory apps now automatically uninstall when the corresponding app policy is removed.
  • Configure App-specific and OEM-specific policies on your Android Enterprise devices using Managed Configurations without requiring Google Play Services. With this upgrade, you can easily manage and deploy OEM Specific features on Android devices even without the Google access.
  • Enroll personally-owned Android devices into Work Profile management using Google's new Android Management APIs. Installation of the SOTI MobiControl agent is not required any more. You can enroll your devices into Work Profile via Android Management API using Enrollment Policies, configure them by deploying supported Profiles, and can deploy Apps from Google Play Store using App Policies.
  • You can now conditionally grant or deny access to Microsoft 365 apps and other mobile apps which utilize Azure AD authentication on Android or iOS devices. SOTI MobiControl integration with Microsoft allows you to use MobiControl device compliance status in Azure AD conditional access policies. When configured, only the compliance statuses of devices assigned to the compliance policy will be reported to Microsoft, enabling you to manage the scope of the devices synchronized with Microsoft.
  • Keep Windows Modern devices up-to-date with the latest Windows Updates available through Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or the public Windows Update service. Through MobiControl, you can control the types of Windows Updates to apply to the devices, such as feature releases or security patches. In addition, there are a variety of new controls, including when to apply the updates automatically, differ the update for a period, mandate MobiControl Administrator approval before using the updates, and more.

More information about Soti MobiControl

Zebra VC8300Vehicle TerminalsThe currecnt device model of Zebra rugged vehcile terminals is the VC8300 Series. The VC8300 is available in two distinct configurations:

  • 10.4" touch screen without integrated keyboard
  • 8" touch screen and physical QWERTY keyboard


  • 8-core SDM660 processor
  • 4 GB RAM and 32 GB Flash
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  • Bluetooth 5.0 + BLE
  • Sensors: gyroscope, accelerometer, thermometer
  • 8 "WXGA touch panel or 10.4" XGA touch panel, Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Operating temperature range from -30 °C to +50 °C, IP66 protection
  • Android 11 with the possibility of future upgrades to Android 14; only GMS version with the ability to restrict Google services using MX / StageNow
  • Zebra LifeGuard program for ongoing bug fixes and OS security updates
  • Pre-licensed Zebra All-Touch terminal client (Ivanti Velocity)
  • RAM standard based mounting accessories, compatible with VC5090 and VC70N0

Zebra VC8300 in action

Zebra WT6300If you are looking for a rugged wearable mobile device, the WT6300 from Zebra Technologies is the right choice. The device with a touch screen attaches to the operator's forearm. A wired or wireless barcode scanner is worn on a finger or wrist. The device can be supplemented with a side physical keyboard.


  • 8-core SDM660 processor
  • 3 GB RAM and 32 GB Flash
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  • Bluetooth 5.0 + BLE with the option of barcode scanner paring via NFC
  • Sensors: gyroscope, accelerometer
  • 3.2 "WVGA touch panel covered with Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Operating temperature range from -30 °C to +50 °C, protection IP65, resistance to 1.2 m drop to concrete
  • Android 11 with the possibility of future upgrades to Android 14; only GMS version with the ability to restrict Google services using MX / StageNow
  • Zebra LifeGuard program for ongoing bug fixes and OS security updates
  • PowerPrecision + 3350 mAh (standard) or 5000 mAh (extended) battery
  • Accessories compatible with WT6000

Zebra WT6300 in action

Barcode scanner types:

  • Wired: Zebra RS4000 and RS5000
  • Bluetooth: Zebra RS5100 and RS6000

Unlike the WT6000, the WT6300 does not have a pre-licensed All-Touch TE (Ivanti Velocity) terminal client, and a license must be purchased separately, if required.