Soti XSight 4.2

soti xsight battery management smallSoti Inc. recently released XSight version 4.2. They have added multiple new features for tracking and managing Zebra PowerPrecision and PowerPrecision+ batteries as well as Panasonic FZ-N1, FZ-T1, FZ-L1, FZ-A3, and FZ-S1 batteries:

  • Battery Health Charts: Customize health criteria for your battery based on Battery Lasting a Shift, Remaining Capacity, Age and Battery Cycles
  • Battery Pools: Create custom battery groups to organize your fleet based on location, type and more
  • Customizable Shift Definition: Define shifts that fit your business and check which batteries will last each shift
  • Battery Lifecycle Management: Full visibility into different stages of a battery lifecycle each on a separate dashboard
  • New Batteries: Manage your new batteries inventory by importing newly purchased batteries into Smart Battery Dashboard before they are placed in any devices
  • Monitor In Use Batteries: Monitor the health and usage of batteries from the moment they are placed in the first device until they are decommissioned
  • Decommission Batteries: Decommission/recommission batteries and warn workers on use of malfunctioning batteries
  • Inventory Management: A holistic view of your entire battery pool and number of batteries in each lifecycle stage
  • Battery Spotlight: A detailed view of a single battery, including discharge rate and capacity data during any selected time window
  • Map batteries to devices: View a list of batteries that were used by any device and vice versa

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