Zebra TC20

From October 26, 2017, Zebra officially launched a new Android Wi-Fi phone - the TC20. This device does not have cellular phone/mobile data connectivity, it just uses Wi-Fi to connect to the network. This makes TC20 suitable for small-medium sized businesses in the retail, hospitality and small footprint warehousing industries. The TC25 terminal with phone/mobile data connectivity will be launched later.

The TC20 does not replace any existing product in a range of Zebra mobile terminals. It is Zebras' entry into a segment of cheaper smart-devices for small and medium-sized businesses in retail and field services.

The TC20 solution has 4 different product configurations:

  • TC20: Integrated SE2100 scanner with no rear facing camera and gray side scanner keys
  • TC20 Plus:Integrated  SE4710  scanner  with  rear  facing  camera  and  yellow  side  scanner  keys (compatible with trigger handle)
  • TC20 Keyboard: Integrated SE4710 scanner with rear facing camera, physical numeric keyboard, and yellow side scanner keys
  • TC20 RFID: Integrated SE4710 scanner with rear facing camera, more flash memory, and yellow  side scanner keys (compatible with RFD2000 RFID sled and trigger handle)

TC20 Features:

  • Ergonomic smartphone - pocket-size form factor
  • Two scan engine options: SE2100 and SE4710
  • 3000 mAh internal battery designed to support a full shift plus an optional snap on PowerPack for continuous use
  • Pre-installed  Workforce Connect PTT solution
  • Scan buttons on left and right side of the device
  • Android 7.0 (Nougat) OS at launch with the ability to support OS upgrades in the future
  • Compatibility with RFD2000, an optional UHF RFID sled for RFID tag reading
  • Extensive  accessory  eco-system, including  1-Slot cradles for charging and data communication, 5-slot cradles for large charging deployments and a field detachable trigger handle

zebra mc55a mediumThe inability to get required hardware components from the suppliers somewhat caught Zebra and found it unprepared to supply all configurations of the MC55 mobile terminals. They announced termination of the MC55A0 devices no later than August 31, 2017 (or perhaps earlier when stocks are exhausted) and MC55N0 no later than June 30, 2017. The MC55XL (Extended Life) replacement is promised as early as September to October 2017. The new MC55XL will have a similar architecture to MC67, Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, 2D SE4710 scan engine and more memory. It will be offered in standard and medical versions and the accessories will be compatible with MC55A0 and MC55N0.

soti mobicontrol logo

Since the beginning of 2017, SOTI MobiControl version 13.3 is available.

In this release, you will find better support for Windows 10 Desktop (Anniversary Update), more options for latest series of Windows Mobile (Remote Control, File Sync Rule, Custom Data and Custom Attributes, and Package Deployment via Profiles), enhanced Android for Work and iOS support, and one detail that facilitates staging and managing Zebra Android devices. This is a support for profiles exported from Zebra StageNow in XML format (Export for MDM). With Soti, now you can simply apply all the settings that StageNow supports.

More about SOTI MobiControl...

wavelink ivantiClearlake Capital Group announced on January 23rd, 2017 it has completed the acquisition of LANDESK. In conjunction with the transaction close, LANDESK, HEAT Software, AppSense, Shavlik and Wavelink announced they have united under a new corporate name: Ivanti. Their new website is

The good thing to note is: while the name and logo have changed, nothing will change about Wavelink products and company focus.

Zebra TC51Zebra announced the launch of their new mid-tier mobile device flag ship - TC51 a TC56.

Main Features:

  • Size of a larger mobile phone, with a good robustness it can still fit into a pocket.
  • 5“ HD display with the Gorilla Glass
  • Can be controlled by finger, gloves or a stylus
  • Wi-Fi only TC51s are intended for "inside 4 walls" usage - available from November 2016
  • Wi-Fi + 4G/LTE TC56s should be launched in January 2017. Unlike a TC75 the TC56 will only have one SIM slot and no SAM slots.
  • Android 6.x Marshmallow OS upgradable to later versions (N and O). Both Standard versions with Google Mobile Services and Professional without Google Mobile Services will be available.
  • Easily replaceable PowerPrecision+ battery, capacity 4300 mAh for up to 14 hours shifts.
  • Fast recharging: within 2 hours from 0% to 90%.
  • Battery active monitoring
  • Snapdragon 650 Hex Core, 1,8 GHz ARM Cortex A72 processor
  • 2 GB RAM / 16 GB flash or 4 GB RAM / 32 GB flash memory configs. Not interchangeable.
  • 2D barcode scanner based on SE4710 scan engine
  • 13 mpx rear camera with flash
  • Programmable button on the back of the device
  • Scanning button on the right and left side of the device
  • PTT support
  • A wide range of accessories including charging and communication cradles and cables or a trigger handle. Accessory is not compatible with other Zebra device types.
  • Soti, MSP (AirWatch) and StageNow MDM/staging clients pre-installed.

More info about Zebra TC51 and TC56

Zebra does not plan to terminate the offer of the MC40 or TC55 mobile terminals in the foreseeable future.

soti mobicontrol logoSOTI introduced the MobiControl 13.2 release.

The main new feature is the SOTI surf - a secure mobile browser for iOS and Android devices based on the Chromium open-source web browser. The security features include the following:

  • Users can browse confidential content on the company intranet without the need to set up VPNs
  • Configure whitelist/blacklist to restrict web content by URL or content type
  • Enforce data loss protection by toggling browser features; cut/copy/paste, screen capture, download and print
  • Kiosk mode locks the device and the browser to specific intranet web sites
  • Push approved bookmarks to the end-user based on role or region

The other improvements are related to the SOTI Hub - a secure mobile content management application looking to deploy corporate content to their mobile workforce. SOTI hub now brings Data Loss
Prevention features, many UI/UX enhancements, SharePoint integration, a new “Download Manager” and several “Search on Server” improvements. SOTI hub is available for Google Android and Apple iOS devices from the Google Play and Apple App Store.

The SOTI MobiControl 13.2 release includes a new Android for Work agent that supports Google Android 7.0 (Nougat). It streamlines device deployment and adds key features that previously were
only available for mobile devices through SOTI Android+, specifically, packages via profiles and remote control. SOTI MobiControl 13.2 also includes many more device feature controls to make it
easier for an IT admin to configure and control mobile devices.

More about SOTI MobiControl...

On September 14th, 2016 Zebra Technologies announced an agreement with Extreme Networks to sell Zebra's wireless LAN business. A part of this acquisition is Zebra’s full wireless LAN portfolio, which will become a part of the existing ExtremeWireless product line. This includes the complete Zebra WLAN portfolio of access points, controllers, software, advanced security (AirDefense and WIPS) and the whole Wi-NG platform. There are no changes to Zebra’s portfolio of mobile computers, printers, scanners and services.The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter in 2016.

Zebra Technologies introduced the WT6000 - new type of a wearable terminal, the first one with Android Lollipop. In parallel, Zebra is releasing to new barcode finger scanners: RS6000 - 2D Bluetooth scanner and RS4000 - 1D laser cable scanner.

WT6000 Main Features:

  • Enterprise wearable mobile device for logistics centers and manufacturing
  • Android 5.1 with Zebra Mobility Extensions (Mx)
  • 1 GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM, 4 GB Flash memory
  • 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • 3 programmable keys
  • As the WT41N0, the WT6000 can be worn on the forearm or at the hip
  • Survives multiple 4 foot drops to concrete, IP65 protection
  • Both the WT6000 and RS6000 use the same 3350 mAh PowerPrecision+ battery
  • Pre-installed and pre-licensed All Touch Terminal Emulation
  • Integrated NFC reader for easy pairing with a headset, scanner or a mobile printer
  • The WT6000 will co-exist on the market with the existing WT41N0 (Windows CE7)

Nositelný terminál Zebra WT6000


Zebra All Touch Terminal EmulationZebra and Wavelink introduced All Touch Terminal Emulation aka Wavelink Velocity version 1.2. Special focus is given to even better support of the TC8000 mobile device:

  • Macro support (eg. Auto log-in), key macros for global and individual screens
  • Support for non-US locales
  • Keyboard height is now programmable via the Velocity Console
  • Improved Velocity Console UI
  • Advanced scanning support - allows you to manipulate barcode data before it is passed to the host application
  • Scripting UI to easily write, configure import and export scripts
  • Web support with browser functionality supporting HTTP and HTTPS connections, meta tags and scripting

Contact us for a quotation on professional services related to ATTE/Velocity implementation and legacy WinCE/WM -> Android migration.

5 let podnikaniIn early May 2016 it has been five years since my entry into the business as a freelancer. During that time I worked on many interesting projects for customers both in the Czech Republic and the EMEA region. Among them are Tesco UK, Waitrose or Spanish Post (managed by Zebra/Motorola), or Faurecia Slovakia, Škoda Auto, Electropoli, Miele Technika, Smurfit Kappa and Brose. Not only them, but also all the other customers I would like to thank for their confidence! I am looking forward to work together also in the future!