Motorola ET1Motorola Solutions today unveiled the first tablet designed for the enterprise: the Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet with Android 2.3.4. The Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet combines the sleek design and user-friendly experience of a tablet with the brainpower, durability and lifecycle of a device truly built for the enterprise.

Its scratch resistant "Gorilla Glass" display has resolution of 1024x600 pixels, IP54 protection and 1,2 m drop specification. Inside of ET1 is a dual core 1 GHz processor with a graphical accelerator and 1 GB RAM. For data storage 4 GB of internal Flash can be used in addition to microSD card (up to 32 GB). Peripherals like barcode scanner, printer or keyboard can be connected using Bluetooth 2.1. For 1D/2D barcode scanning also ET1's integrated camera may be used. Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet may be staged, provisioned and controlled by Motorola MSP. As an application framework for ET1 tablets Motorola recommends their new environment called RhoMobile based on HTML 5.

motorola-mc9090-gMotorola Solutions announced the end of life of their industrial-class rugged mobile computer MC9090-G. On April 13th, 2012 all configurations of MC9090-G except RFID ones will be discontinued. Replacement model is the next generation product - Motorola MC9190-G. Since all accessories MC9090-G are fully compatible with MC9190-G the discontinuation notice is not related to any MC9090-G accessories.

Mobile terminals MC9090-G became one of the most successful Motorola products. MC9190-G continue in this way and add many advancements including:

  • Latest generation 806 MHz processor
  • New SE4600 Near/Far Imager
  • Latest generation standard range 2D imager and 1D laser
  • High visibility VGA display
  • Integrated UHF Gen 2 RFID Tag
  • Interactive Sensor Technology
  • Battery Health Status Information

More information about Motorola MC9190-G

MSP 4.0 Web Enrollment

For early 2012 Motorola Solutions prepares release of the new major version of mobile device management system Motorola MSP. MSP 4 will include a lot of new features and Add-on kits. Here is the list of some news:

  • Apple iOS 4 and iOS 5 Support (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices)
  • Support for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) devices
  • Integrated Mapping for GPS-capable devices
  • Alerts and Notifications (e-mail, SMS, SNMP)
  • Consumer Android Enhancements (consumer Android support is available today for Android mobile devices running v2.2 or greater - includes smart phones and tablets)
  • Enhanced Security (on-device encryption, SD card encryption, disable camera, BT etc.)
  • Enhanced Lock & Wipe
  • Scripting Support
  • Scanner Management
  • Integrated scripting language

More information about Motorola MSP
MSP4 Stage Edition Specification Sheet
MSP4 Control Edition Specification Sheet

Motorola AP-5131Motorola announced end of sales of 802.11a/b/g AP-5131 and AP-5181 Access Points on January 15th, 2012. Both APs have been on the market for several years and their hardware components got aged. Except this these APs are not supported in the new generation of Motorola wireless networks called WI-NG 5.

Replacement solutions:

  • For AP-5131 single radio: AP-6532 (802.11abgn dual radio AP with plastic or metal enclusure, available immediately)
  • For AP-5131 dual radio: AP6521 (802.11abgn single radio with plastic enclusure, available on September 2011)
  • For AP-5181: AP7161 (802.11abgn outdoor AP, available on September 2011)

Motorola MC9090ZIn August 2011 Motorola Solutions released a new mobile EPC RFID reader combined with a barcode scanner. It's named MC9090-Z and from its predecessor MC9090-G RFID it varies especially in 30% faster RFID decoding on up to twice longer distances. This reader complies with European RFID standards. Up to 650000 RFID tags decodings may be performed with a fully charged battery. Options include a standard laser, Extended Range laser or 2D imager. Pistol grip determines MC9090-Z for the use in an industrial environment. MC9090-Z has a color touch display and operating system Windows Mobile 6.1. MC9090-Z's API is different from the one for MC9090-G RFID. Therefore application migration request the newest EMDK use.


MSP Package BuilderAs a part of MSP update Motorola released new utility called MSP Package Builder. It is a standalone Windows-based application enabling creation of MSP software packages. MSP Package Builder extends the features of legacy AirBeam Package Builder to the support of new Motorola or non-Motorola devices including Apple iOS and Android devices.

More information about Motorola MSP


Motorola RFS4011Motorola Solutions released a new type of RF controller - RFS4011 designed for smaller installations and branch offices (SME/SMB). RFS4011 is based on the hardware architecture of RFS4010. It is supplemented with Facade antenna (see picture). With this antenna RFS4011 may act as an access point as well.

RFS4011 is based on new firmware generation called Motorola Wi-NG 5. Integrated AP supports the 802.11n standard in both 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz simultaneously. Except of the integrated AP RFS4011 may control up to 6 thin or 36 Adaptive APs. RFS4011 contains 5 POE+ Ethernet ports, integrated DHCP server, security services like Wired/Wireless Firewall, Wireless IDS/IPS, Onboard AAA Server and IPSEC VPN Gateway, and QoS mechanisms to support Voice & Video.

Easy Inventory - Symbol MT2000 applicationI developed for you a simple free application called Easy Inventory for scanning barcodes and entering quantity on Symbol MT2000 Series (MT2070 and MT2090) barcode scanners. Application is available in Czech and English version including a configuration package.

More information about free Easy Inventory application for Symbol MT2000

Motorola announced expansion of their Wi-NG 5 wireless LAN portfolio with new 802.11n Access Points and a new powerful Integrated Services Controller designed to help distributed organizations effectively manage thousands of APs from a network operations center (NOC) for large deployments.
Wi-NG 5 architecture eliminates bottlenecks known from traditional wireless switch architectures by leveraging network intelligence and security at the edge to offer superior performance for mobile applications such as video and voice. Wi-NG 5 solutions are focused on large retailers, government, hospitals, school districts and enterprises operating multiple facilities across wide geographies.

New additions to Wi-NG 5 will include the following devices:
NX9000 - Integrated Services Controller: new Wi-NG 5 based RF switch for large deployments. It will help large distributed enterprises ensure consistent configuration, management and troubleshooting of their entire WLAN from a single location or via their private cloud. This powerful NOC controller will support up to 10,000 Motorola Wi-NG 5 APs and manage controller-less deployments at remote sites, helping reduce the complexity and cost throughout the lifetime of the network.
AP621 - 802.11n single-radio dependent AP: it will offer customers the power of Wi-NG 5 intelligence for a reasonable price. When deployed with a wireless controller, this dual-band AP will offer users 802.11n speeds along with direct forwarding, security, quality of service (QoS) and advanced spectrum analysis.
AP6521 - 802.11n single-radio independent AP: it will combine the QoS, security and performance benefits of the Wi-NG 5 architecture with a design that will help customers lower the cost of deploying and operating a secure, reliable 802.11n WLAN. It will enable controller-less operations at small to medium sites by serving as a virtual controller and coordinating the operation of up to 24 neighboring APs for mobility and QoS services.
AP6532 - 802.11n dual-radio independent AP: it will be a performance-focused AP that will provide customers with higher throughput, while leveraging Wi-NG 5’s intelligence at the edge to serve as a virtual controller. This versatile AP leverages Motorola’s hallmark 802.11n band-unlocked radios, allowing IT to use its second radio to provide WiFi access or serve as a dedicated wireless sensor that scans both 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands for network assurance and security.
AP7161 - 802.11n outdoor dual- and tri-radio AP: it will provide cost-effective and secure 802.11n outdoor coverage as well as hardware- or software-based, dedicated wireless security sensing, making it an ideal solution for industrial parks, campuses, neighborhoods or depot facilities. Its IP 67 NEMA 4 waterproof enclosure will ensure reliable performance in demanding weather conditions.
Customers should be able to start purchasing the NX9000 Integrated Services Controller, AP6532 and AP7161  in the second quarter of 2011. The AP621 and AP6521 are expected to be available for purchase in the third quarter of 2011.


In the first half of April 2011 Motorola released mobile terminals Motorola MC9190-G. In the future these devices replace older and currently frequently used industrial terminals Motorola MC9090-G. MC9190-G utilize newer components, display with higher resolution, Interactive Sensor Technology support for automatic display rotation and device power management, more barcode scanner options etc. MC9190-G is optionally available with Windows CE 6.0 or Windows Mobile 6.5.