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SOTI MobiControl® is one of the world's leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM) solutions. MobiControl provides comprehensive end-to-end management for both enterprise and consumer class mobile devices, employee or corporate owned. MobiControl supports virtually any operating systems including Windows CE, Windows Mobile (Windows Embedded Handheld), Windows Phone, Android, Apple iOS and desktop Windows. Since MobiControl supports any Wi-Fi or cellular networks, your IT team can configure, provision, secure, monitor, track, troubleshoot and resolve mobile device issues, no matter where they physically are.

This scalable solution can support organizations from small businesses to distributed enterprises with hundreds of thousands of devices all around the world.

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Features and Benefits of SOTI MobiControl

Remote control and helpdesk

  • Lower support costs and increased device availability through remotely diagnosing and troubleshooting of device issues anytime, anywhere.
  • Real-time display and interactive control of the WindowsCE, Windows Mobile and Android+ devices OTA
  • Full suite of helpdesk features including: Video Recording, Advanced Scripting, Diagnostics Tools and more
  • Fastest and most reliable remote control using BlitFire™ 10X Technology
  • Remote training and presentations can be easily provided

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Location services/geofencing

  • MobiControl can locate, track, and gather information on the movement and activity of mobile devices wherever they may be. Useful for lost or stolen devices.
  • Geofence Alerts: defined actions are executed automatically when devices enter or exit pre-specified geofenced areas

Web filter policy

  • Enforce and control web access policies to ensure secure, safe and authorized access to web content
  • Configure web filtering policies to block access to specific URLs
  • Specify a URL for device redirection
  • Create a whitelist of acceptable URLs

Antivirus/malware protection

  • Monitor device file system and installed applications for malware and viruses
  • Quarantine infected applications and files on devices
  • Schedule antivirus scanning, virus definition updates, and quarantine management
  • Configure antivirus whitelists

Secure content library

  • Advanced content management for distributing and managing access to corporate documents and resources
  • Flexible delivery to control costs - network delivery, compression
  • Features include: automatic zero touch distribution, content expiration, content attribute override, and more

Telecom expense management

  • Voice and Data overage alerts for administrators and device users
  • Automatic notifications and actions on plan overages
  • Import feature for large whitelists or blacklists
  • Group blocking of phone numbers and long distance exchanges
  • Configure device and server notifications for blocked calls

Certificate management

  • Add, renew, revoke and deliver authentication certificates from a certificate authority to managed devices
  • Integrates with Microsoft, VeriSign and Entrust
  • Connects to corporate resources like Wi-Fi, VPN and email

Enterprise Application Catalogue

  • Enables managing and updating IT-approved marketplace and corporate applications
  • MobiControl integrates with Apple App Store and Google Play Store programs like the Volume Purchase Program to handle paid market applications
  • Administrator can configure application whitelists/ blacklists and policy violation actions for better mobile user productivity

Information about MobiControl on SOTI's website