Soti MobiControl version 2024

soti mobicontrol logo 2In October 2023, Soti launched a completely new version of the MobiControl, version 2024, which is the successor to version 15.6. Soti has decided to change the version numbering of its products to better reflect the time of release.

Version 2024 contains a number of new features. These include the ability to export Android platform profiles in one MobiControl system and import them into another. This can be used to quickly transfer profiles between environments, reducing the need for repeated manual entry and reducing the potential for human error. Exports include all configurations (including lockdown screen definitions) and a list of packages used in the profiles. The actual packages need to be transferred separately.

Another new feature is the redesign of the MobiControl Search service. It is now called Soti Search and brings faster search and indexing speeds and better overall reliability.

Additional components of the MobiControl v2024 user interface have been migrated into the modern HTML5-based environment, including reports and rules (now policies) for file synchronization, device relocation, data collection, etc. The ability to view profiles that are assigned to a specific device group has been added. This eliminates the need for cross-referencing and lengthy browsing of profiles and devices.

Of course, there is much more to the innovation environment. For example, the ability to use IN and NOT IN operators when searching for devices, the ability to limit the number of devices enrolled by the selected enrollment policy, the ability to limit user access to device location information and collected data on the Location and Collected Data tabs.

MobiControl now allows real-time notifications to be provided to third-party applications. Webhooks activated via Soti Signal Policy are used for this purpose. The Soti administrator can define different events and conditions when the activation occurs. These conditions can also work with Custom Data objects.

For Android device management, there is an option to display video and images after a certain period of device inactivity (Device Inactivity Profile). This is particularly useful for information kiosks that display video when idle and display a customer application or a multi-application menu when tapped. The Device Inactivity Profile can also be used to increase device security by wiping application data after a period of inactivity.

MobiControl now allows you to generate QR codes for Android Enterprise device enrollment directly from the web console, which was previously only possible using third-party tools or the Soti Stage Programmer. The QR code can include Wi-Fi settings, selected system settings and Enrollment ID/URL.

When creating lockdown screens for Android devices using HTML templates, administrators can now use a preview of the screen in the web console without having to test each partial appearance modification on a physical device. The preview will also make it easier to select the right template for a specific purpose.

Using what is called OEMConfig to configure Android settings is now possible on Samsung, Zebra, Honeywell, Panasonic and Datalogic devices without installing the OEMConfig app from the Google Play store. On devices enrolled in Google Play-enabled MobiControl, the Soti profile OEMConfig can be applied, which offers equivalent options to the app.

Within Application Run Control, not only blacklists but now also whitelists can be defined on Android Enterprise devices. This allows administrators to prevent unwanted sharing of confidential information with third parties.

The assignment of Soti profiles can be scheduled for defined time periods in MobiControl v2024. This is useful, for example, if you need to lock a device into kiosk mode during working hours and deactivate kiosk mode outside working hours.

The Soti Surf web browser and the Soti Settings Manager application have also been improved. The latter allows, for example, manual time synchronization with the NTP server or control of the phone light (flash).

Soti also announced the discontinuation of support for some legacy operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista and Windows CE 4.2. The Self Service Portal will continue to be available only to users who use MobiControl together with Soti XSight.

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