SOTI MobiControl Web UIMotorola Solutions announced end of development of Mobility Services Platform (MSP) management solution. Sale of MSP licenses will be finished in December 2013. As a replacement SOTI MobiControl is offered to the current and new customers.

The main advantage of MobiControl is support for wide range of mobile devices: from enterprise class devices of many manufacturers to consumer smart phones and tablets. MobiControl supports all main mobile operating systems including Google Android and Apple iOS. MobiControl brings a user friendly web interface. Devices can be enterprise or consumer class, employee or corporate owned, with virtually any operating system. Since MobiControl supports any Wi-Fi or cellular network, your IT team can configure, provision, secure, monitor, track, troubleshoot and resolve mobile device issues, no matter where in the world.

SOTI MobiControl Client is not pre-installed on Motorola mobile devices. It can be understood as a disadvantage. But using pre-installed Rapid Deployment Client and an FTP server used for MobiControl client staging it can be worked around.

SOTI MobiControl licenses can be purchased from Motoroly partners. Tier 1 technical support is provided by Motorola, higher levels directly by SOTI.

MSP customers with active service contracts will be offered a one-for-one exchange for SOTI licenses at no additional cost. They will then receive a credit for the remainder of the contract life, which can be applied towards a new SOTI contract. All MobiControl licenses require a new support contract minimum for the first year.

More information about SOTI MobiControl

Motorola AP-6562 Outdoor Access PointMotorola Solutions releases a new outdoor 802.11n Access Point AP-6562. This AP is more cost effective alternative to existing AP-7161. It can be used to create Wi=Fi coverage in outdoor manufacturing plants or warehouses areas, parking lots of supermarkets etc.

AP-6562 is an Independent Wi-NG 5 AP with 2x2 MIMO support (max. 300 Mbps), 2 powerful radios 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz, IP67 protection (withstands wind, rain and temperatures -30 ° to 60 °C), and MeshConnex and ADSP support. AP-6562 can be used to create Wi-Fi infrastructure for AP-7161 VMM (Vehicle Mounted Modem).

AP-6562 is offered in 2 configurations: with integrated antennas with N-type antenna connectors (suitable dual band antenna is for example ML-2452-HPAG5A8-01). AP-6562 has a console port and a 1 Gbps LAN port, which is used also to power the device. It is recommended to use 802.3at POE standard although 802.3af is also supported }not in whole temperature range). Mounting accessories is the same like for AP-7161. AP-6562 is supported in Wi-NG 5.4.1+ and may be used as a standalone or RF-controller managed AP.

Motorola MC45Motorola Solutions introduced recently a new type of mobile device - terminal MC45 - for field mobility. These are the basic features:

  • Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3 operating system
  • WWAN connectivity 3,5G HSDPA voice/data, WLAN 802.11 a/b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR (Microsoft stack), GPS
  • Display 3,2“, QVGA, 320x240 pixels
  • Li-ion baterry 3080 mAh
  • Numeric keyboard with s 26 keys
  • 256 MB RAM and 1 GB flash, expandable up to 32 GB with micro SD cards
  • Rugged design - 1.5 m drop, IP64 sealing
  • Operating temperature range from -10° to 50 °C
  • Aggressive 1D laser scanner with Adaptive Scanning and camera (3,2 mpx, autofocus) with 2D barcodes reading option
  • RhoMobile Suite support
  • Qualcomm Processor - like ES400 and MC65, MC45 is not based on Motorola's MPA platform
  • Motorola MSP MDM support

From the above you can see that rather than a revolution on the mobile device market MC45 is an evolution utilizing proved components.

Motorola Solutions launches MSP 4.2 with new management features to the Motorola Solutions mobile computing product line, which includes extended support for Motorola's Enterprise Android devices.

MSP 4.2 utilizes software supplements to provide support for the Motorola's Android devices and SB1 smart badge. MSP continues to provide a single management console to enable customers to manage from a consolidated remote view of their inventory of ruggedized mobile devices.

MSP version 4.2 supports the following additional features:

  • Support for configuring GPRS settings has been added to the Motorola's Enterprise Android client
  • Remote Control support has been added for Motorola's Enterprise Android devices
  • Authentication/Security Enhancements
  • Additional settings supported MSI Enterprise Android Devices
  • Discontinued support for consumer and BYOD devices (Apple iOS and Android smart phones)
  • Better support for staging and provisioning site specific settings and applications
  • Support for EWB100 (not through Proxy-agent any more)
  • All MSP Documentation Available from Web Console
  • MSP Supported with Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Enhanced Lock & Wipe: provides the ability to block certain device peripherals and enables automatic locking on failed password entry. Phone devices under lock can still be enabled to dial certain phone numbers for emergency access. Additionally, camera, BT ports can be blocked in enterprises that require more security when devices are within their enterprises.
  • Secure Storage now nables a password-controlled encryption file systems on the device. Encrypted files can be made unavailable on locked devices. Removable storage devices with encrypted file systems can still be accessed when removed from the device.
  • Automated 802.11x Certificate Deployment and Renewal: MSP 4.2 can now obtain data from other applications and incorporate it into policies and payloads that are distributed to managed devices. This feature allows MSP to automatically obtain certificates from certificate authority servers and deploy them to devices when brought under management. MSP can also obtain new certificates automatically when the existing certificate is nearing expiration.
  • Device-Side Scripting: MSP 4.2 introduces a new ability to deploy and run scripts on mobile devices. MSP scripting significantly enhances the flexibility and power of MSP management of Motorola Solutions’ Windows-based devices. The scripting engine is based on the popular LUA language.

Motorola MC40Motorola launches a new mobile terminal MC40 with Wi-Fi connectivity and Android operating system with Motorola's MX extensions.

The MC40 mobile computer has been designed specifically for retail and offers a comprehensive suite of enterprise-class features and accessories including:

  • Durable design to withstand multiple bumps and drops typical of retail use
  • Battery swappable and independently rechargeable battery with memory back-up battery to retain RAM data for up to 15 minutes when the main battery is removed
  • Single and multi-slot chargers to optimize backroom management
  • Remotely manageable, configurable, and controllable without end user intervention using Motorola MSP 4.2
  • Integrated 1D/2D scanner with laser aimer and rear 8 mpx camera
  • Ability to be a password-protected shared device that can be instantly provisioned for each employee
  • Ability to create a fully-encrypted file system that protects enterprise and customers’ data
  • Support for Bluetooth devices such mobile printers

Motorola MC40 will be offered in 4 configurations: with/without MSR and with/without hardware VoiP support. The MC40 Telephony-ready SKUs will be optimized to best support telephony VoIP functionality. This optimization includes acoustics subsystem optimization including echo cancellation for full duplex telephony, noise reduction and voice optimized WiFi performance. The Motorola Solutions’ PPT Express client will be preloaded on all MC40 models.

Currently, the MC40 supports the Android operating system, Gingerbread 2.3.4 version. Motorola is investigating newer versions of Android (version 4.x). Applications may be loaded through APK files, or with the use of MSP. For application development Motorola recommends their RhoElements Suite.

Motorola SB1 Smart BadgeMotorola Solutions launches SB1 Smart Badge. The SB1 is a brand new category of mobile device that can be deployed to the entire mobile workforce, designed specifically to address the needs of the “un-served or disconnected worker” - those workers who do not have a mobile device, workers who do not have access to needed information at their fingertips. The Motorola SB1 smart badge is a wearable, cost-efficient, thin-client mobile device that can be deployed in enterprises such that all workers can be empowered with communications and collaboration solutions that drive cost savings, improved productivity and better customer service. With enterprise-class bar code scanning, push-to-talk and access to line-of-business applications, workers can answer customer questions right on the spot.

SB1 Key Features

  • An affordable connected and wearable device that can be deployed to the entire mobile workforce inside the 4 walls (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n)
  • Innovative E Ink display delivers long battery life (greater than 14 hours in sample use profiles) between charging and great readability in all lighting conditions
  • Omni-directional 1D and 2D barcode scanning. High performance bar code scanning enables first-time capture of bar codes.
  • Push to Talk (PTT) voice communications with audio accessories
  • Thin-client architecture and standard web technology (RhoElements based apps using HTML5)
  • Enterprise-class accessories including a 10-unit rack-able charging cradle, and Push-to-Talk (PTT) headsets and speaker options.
  • Badge mode can display employee badge info or promotion when not in use
  • Wearable via neck lanyards, belt holsters, or arm-band
  • Enterprise durability. With a military standard drop specification and environmental sealing, the SB1 is ready for all day enterprise use, providing durability and reliable operation.

Motorola VC70N0 Vehicle ComputerOn January 21st, 2013 Motorola Solutions release a new typ of a vehicle terminal - VC70N0 with Windows Embedded Compact 7 Professional. Motorola VC70N0 is built on the success of the VC5090 series with its enhancements in performance and size-optimized rugged construction with focus in the warehouse, manufacturing and distribution operations.

Main features of the VC70N0 are:

  • Robustness, protection against moisture, dust and vibrations, IP66 sealing, freezer rating (to -30°C)
  • A dual core 1 GHz processor, 500 MB RAM, 2GB of Flash memory and a user accessible microSD card slot that supports up to 32 GB 
  • Pre-installed and pre-licensed Wavelink Telnet Client
  • The 10.4 in. 600 NIT bright XGA 1024x768 high resolution display (switchable to SVGA 800x600) is easy to view in nearly any lighting condition
  • Support for both RS-232 scanners (LS3408-ER, DS3508-ER, DS457) and Bluetooth scanners (DS3578-ER, RS507). Pairing a cordless scanner with the VC70N0 is easy: a user-facing pairing bar code printed directly on the VC70N0
  • The U-mount and compatibility with VESA 75 standard mounting enable easy mounting in the best possible location.
  • Built-in UPS battery protects RAM up to 72 hours
  • Built-In Sensors to adjust the screen brightness for the available light, detect motion and “blank” the screen to ensure drivers keep their eyes on the road, monitor the temperature to activate the heated touchscreen when required to prevent condensation from forming and impacting usability.
  • Optional display heating
  • 4 programmable hardware keys

The VC70N0 is provided with external power supply, QWERTY, AZERTY and Numeric gloves-friendly keyboards, secured and sealed cables and mounting brackets, all designed for and tested under the same rugged specifications as a complete system.

Motorola AP-6522 Indepetendet Access PointMotorola launched a new cost effective 802.11n dual radio access point AP-6522. This access point was released as a replacement of dual radio AP-5131 which is EOL. Access point AP-6522 is ideal for small shops, retail stores, restaurants, warehouses or offices providing Wi-Fi access on 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz simultaneously. AP-6522 can be powered over standard 802.3af POE or an external power supply. AP-6522 is built on Motorola's Wi-NG 5 architecture; it contains an on-board AAA RADIUS, 2-7 stateful packet filtering firewall and VPN gateway. AP-6522 can be used independently or as an AP controlled by Motorola RF controller (RFS40xx, RFS6000, RFS7000, NX9000 or NX9500). In addition AP-6522 can manage other 24 APs of the same type in the mode of Virtual Controller. AP-6522 can be also configured as a sensor of Motorola ADSP 9.0 wireless intrusion protection system. AP-6522 is offered in plastic housing with integrated antenna or in metal plenum rated housing with 4 external antennas connectors.

Motorola MC67Motorola Solutions announced the release of new premium HSPA+ rugged Enterprise Digital Assistant MC67. This device designed especially for mobile workers has the following features:

  • 4G HSPA+ mobile data connectivity
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
  • MPA 3.0 architecture: dual-core processor TI OMAP 4430 @ 1 GHz, WEHH 6.5
  • 2D digital imager Blockbuster (SE4500), optionally DPM reader
  • Optionally 8 mpx camera with auto-focus
  • IST
  • 2 GB Flash and 512 MB RAM memory
  • Integrated GPS with Assisted-GPS support
  • Ruggedized device (1,8 m drop in whole operating temperature range, IP67)
  • Form factor like MC65 – consequently compatibility of whole accessories range (MC55/MC55A as well)
  • Various keypad types, keypad backlight
  • The same price for all configurations.

MC67 is not conceived as a replacement for MC65 but as a line extension of the MC65 family. It is a premium configuration positioned above the MC65 with a higher price. The MC65 will continue to be available.

Access point Motorola AP-8132Motorola introduces a new access point AP8132. The AP8132 is a 3-spatial stream device delivering data rates up to 450 Mbps per radio. The first-of-its-kind modular Wi-Fi access point combined with Motorola’s Wi-NG 5 technology delivers an outstanding quality experience for wireless users with smartphones and tablets.
The AP8132’s flexibility increases because of an integrated standard USB interface for an expansion module connectivity. The first module available in 2013 should be an ADSP sensor for dedicated security monitoring allowing the use of integrated AP radios for dual band client access.
The AP8132 continues Motorola’s tradition of offering one of the best performing radios in its class, giving strong output power capabilities. Both radios within the AP are band-unlocked radios to enable 24x7 dual band Wireless IPS sensing on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz with concurrent 802.11a/b/g/n client access and mesh. Additionally the AP8132 features an onboard TPM chip which can increase the security and reliability of the device. The AP8132 is designed to run off 802.3at, but can be configured to run off 802.3af power, allowing installations to gain the throughput of a 3-stream AP, without immediately needing to upgrade the wired network to support higher power.
At release the AP8132 will run Wi-NG release 5.2.6, and will be compatible with al RFS controllers as well as the NX9000 and NX9500 series Integrated Services Platforms.