Motorola MC40: Enterprise Android

Motorola MC40Motorola launches a new mobile terminal MC40 with Wi-Fi connectivity and Android operating system with Motorola's MX extensions.

The MC40 mobile computer has been designed specifically for retail and offers a comprehensive suite of enterprise-class features and accessories including:

  • Durable design to withstand multiple bumps and drops typical of retail use
  • Battery swappable and independently rechargeable battery with memory back-up battery to retain RAM data for up to 15 minutes when the main battery is removed
  • Single and multi-slot chargers to optimize backroom management
  • Remotely manageable, configurable, and controllable without end user intervention using Motorola MSP 4.2
  • Integrated 1D/2D scanner with laser aimer and rear 8 mpx camera
  • Ability to be a password-protected shared device that can be instantly provisioned for each employee
  • Ability to create a fully-encrypted file system that protects enterprise and customers’ data
  • Support for Bluetooth devices such mobile printers

Motorola MC40 will be offered in 4 configurations: with/without MSR and with/without hardware VoiP support. The MC40 Telephony-ready SKUs will be optimized to best support telephony VoIP functionality. This optimization includes acoustics subsystem optimization including echo cancellation for full duplex telephony, noise reduction and voice optimized WiFi performance. The Motorola Solutions’ PPT Express client will be preloaded on all MC40 models.

Currently, the MC40 supports the Android operating system, Gingerbread 2.3.4 version. Motorola is investigating newer versions of Android (version 4.x). Applications may be loaded through APK files, or with the use of MSP. For application development Motorola recommends their RhoElements Suite.