Motorola launched MSP 4.0

Motorola Solutions launched a new major release of the Mobility Services Platform v 4.0 (MSP 4.0). This launch of MSP 4.0 introduces a substantial set of new features, which includes support for consumer-grade mobile devices, smart phones and tablets. MSP 4.0 has been extended to support Apple iOS class of devices, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad device. Additionally, support has been extended to Google Android v2.2 or later smart phones including v3.0 tablets.

Podpora BOYD v Motorola MSP4

As enterprises define and deploy Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, management and security are paramount the successful implementation of BYOD. MSP 4.0 provides the solution that will bridge the gap between traditional enterprise management and BYOD.

As the base of installed mobile devices continue to expand into Apple iOS and Google Android-based devices, MSP has been extended to offer support for these mobile devices to meet the growing demands of management for consumer-grade mobile devices and tablets. MSP continues to provide the single management console to enable customers a consolidated remote view into their entire enterprise from tasked based rugged devices to consumer mobile devices.

MSP provides a host of features for iOS and Android mobile devices, including initial staging, policy-based management, remote software deployment, asset management and data collection. This allows for MSP administrators to have a seamless management experience when managing their iOS and Android-based mobile devices in addition to Windows CE and Windows Mobile rugged devices with MSP.

The following are the key features introduced with MSP 4.0:

  • Support for BYOD Devices
    • Apple iOS version 4 and 5 devices. Support for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices running version 4 and 5 of the iOS operating system. MSP 4.0 provides full management of these devices and tablets within the available capabilities of the operating systems and devices.
    • Google Android Support for Android consumer smart phones and tablets (version 2.2 and later) within the available capabilities of the operating systems and devices
  • Enhanced Device Staging/Registration through Web-Based Enrollment
    MSP 4.0 adds an IT “touchless” OS-agnostic (Windows Mobile, iOS and Android) method of staging and registering consumer smartphones and tablets. With Web-Based Enrollment, MSP provides a portal to allow users to bring smartphones and tablets under management. Prerequisites could include installation of the MSP client, settings for network (Cellular or WiFi) or VPN access or unique client side certificates.
  • Support for Motorola ET1 – Hardened Android
    Full enterprise-grade management and security for the Motorola Enterprise Tablet ET1 is enabled in MSP 4.0.
    MSP 4.0 features of the ET1 include:
    • Integrated Management (MSP agent ships on device)
    • Over-the-Air (OTA) Silent Installations (applications, OS Updates, certificates)
    • Application Whitelist
  • Enhanced Device Security
    MSP 4.0 provides powerful new methods of protecting Motorola Solutions’ mobile devices, mobile computers and enterprise tablets:
    • Enhanced Lock & Wipe: Provides the ability to block certain device peripherals and enables automatic locking on failed password entry. Phone devices under lock can still be enabled to dial certain phone numbers for emergency access. Additionally, camera, BT ports can be blocked in enterprises that require more security when devices are within their enterprises.
    • Secure Storage enables a password-controlled encryption file systems on the device. Encrypted files can be made unavailable on locked devices. Removable storage devices with encrypted file systems can still be accessed when removed from the device.
  • Automated 802.11x Certificate Deployment and Renewal
    MSP 4.0 can now obtain data from other applications and incorporate it into policies and payloads that are distributed to managed devices. This feature allows MSP to automatically obtain certificates from certificate authority (e.g. SCEP) servers and deploy them to devices when brought under management. MSP can also obtain new certificates automatically when the existing certificate is nearing expiration.
  • Device-Side Scripting
    MSP 4.0 introduces a new ability to deploy and run scripts on mobile devices. MSP scripting significantly enhances the flexibility and power of MSP management of Motorola Solutions’ Windows-based mobile devices.¨The scripting engine is based on the popular LUA language.