High speed Access Point Motorola AP8132

Access point Motorola AP-8132Motorola introduces a new access point AP8132. The AP8132 is a 3-spatial stream device delivering data rates up to 450 Mbps per radio. The first-of-its-kind modular Wi-Fi access point combined with Motorola’s Wi-NG 5 technology delivers an outstanding quality experience for wireless users with smartphones and tablets.
The AP8132’s flexibility increases because of an integrated standard USB interface for an expansion module connectivity. The first module available in 2013 should be an ADSP sensor for dedicated security monitoring allowing the use of integrated AP radios for dual band client access.
The AP8132 continues Motorola’s tradition of offering one of the best performing radios in its class, giving strong output power capabilities. Both radios within the AP are band-unlocked radios to enable 24x7 dual band Wireless IPS sensing on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz with concurrent 802.11a/b/g/n client access and mesh. Additionally the AP8132 features an onboard TPM chip which can increase the security and reliability of the device. The AP8132 is designed to run off 802.3at, but can be configured to run off 802.3af power, allowing installations to gain the throughput of a 3-stream AP, without immediately needing to upgrade the wired network to support higher power.
At release the AP8132 will run Wi-NG release 5.2.6, and will be compatible with al RFS controllers as well as the NX9000 and NX9500 series Integrated Services Platforms.