Motorola VC70N0 Vehicle Terminals

Motorola VC70N0 Vehicle ComputerOn January 21st, 2013 Motorola Solutions release a new typ of a vehicle terminal - VC70N0 with Windows Embedded Compact 7 Professional. Motorola VC70N0 is built on the success of the VC5090 series with its enhancements in performance and size-optimized rugged construction with focus in the warehouse, manufacturing and distribution operations.

Main features of the VC70N0 are:

  • Robustness, protection against moisture, dust and vibrations, IP66 sealing, freezer rating (to -30°C)
  • A dual core 1 GHz processor, 500 MB RAM, 2GB of Flash memory and a user accessible microSD card slot that supports up to 32 GB 
  • Pre-installed and pre-licensed Wavelink Telnet Client
  • The 10.4 in. 600 NIT bright XGA 1024x768 high resolution display (switchable to SVGA 800x600) is easy to view in nearly any lighting condition
  • Support for both RS-232 scanners (LS3408-ER, DS3508-ER, DS457) and Bluetooth scanners (DS3578-ER, RS507). Pairing a cordless scanner with the VC70N0 is easy: a user-facing pairing bar code printed directly on the VC70N0
  • The U-mount and compatibility with VESA 75 standard mounting enable easy mounting in the best possible location.
  • Built-in UPS battery protects RAM up to 72 hours
  • Built-In Sensors to adjust the screen brightness for the available light, detect motion and “blank” the screen to ensure drivers keep their eyes on the road, monitor the temperature to activate the heated touchscreen when required to prevent condensation from forming and impacting usability.
  • Optional display heating
  • 4 programmable hardware keys

The VC70N0 is provided with external power supply, QWERTY, AZERTY and Numeric gloves-friendly keyboards, secured and sealed cables and mounting brackets, all designed for and tested under the same rugged specifications as a complete system.