TekTerm Terminal Emulations

tekterm-settingsWith Psion acquisition Motorola offers now also TekTerm Telnet emulators. Latest 7.0 version is available both for Psion and legacy Motorola devices. TekTerm supports Windows CE/ Windows Embedded Compact, Windows Mobile/Windows Embdedded Handheld and desktop Windows (PC). Software had been tested and validated for the following mobile device types:

  • MC92xx
  • MC91xx
  • MC95xx
  • MC32xx running Windows CE
  • VC70N0
  • WT41N0

It should work on all other Motorola devices running supported OS. The TekTerm Client supports ANSI, VT-100, or VT-200 and IBM 5250 or 3270 emulations with a maximum of 8 sessions whether it is connecting directly to the host application or through the Communication / TekTerm Server 9500, 9510 or SW95xx. TekTerm Client also provides features such as various fonts, font colors, and screen sizes, as well as SSH secure connections.

TekTerm Client will install to the devices known persistent storage location and save it’s configuration in non-volatile storage. The TekTerm Client CAB file includes a setup utility that detects which device it is being installed on and copies the files to that devices persistent file storage. For Psion devices this is the \Flash Disk folder (configuration is saved to the registry) and for Motorola devices persistent storage is the \Application folder for both configuration and TekTerm files.

TekTerm does not control or configure the scanning of a device (like Wavelink TE does). Scanner must be utilized via DataWedge (Motorola) or Scanner Service (Psion).

TekTerm is not available for Android or iOS.