End of Sale for selected Motorola/Symbol Access Points

On December 5th, 2014 Zebra will terminate sales of Motorola / Symbol AP650, AP-6532, AP-7131N AP-7161 and AP-7181 access points in EU. Additionally, on January 15, 2015 will be terminated sales of AP622 and AP621 access points.
It means that Motorola Dependent APs, ie. access points which cannot function without an RF controller, will completely disappear from the market. Many new customers will not probably buy an RF controller although it still has sense escpecially because:
  • large WLANs management
  • WLAN management on different sites
  • more security options (Radius server, integrated WIPS).

Replacement solutions:

  • Recommended replacement for the Dependent APs (AP621, AP622 and AP650) is an Independent AP-7522. In addition to an advanced wireless standard 802.11ac the AP-7522 can operate without an RF controller. The AP-7522 can form a Virtual controller - it means one AP can manage other APs of the same type on the same site.
  • AP-6532 and AP-7131N are replaced with AP-7532 - 3-radio 802.11ac Independent AP.
  • Outdoor access points AP-7161 and AP-7181 are replaced with AP-8163.

End of the engineering support (new firmware development, AP support on the RF controllers etc.) is set by AP621, AP622 and AP-7181 to December 14th, 2015, while by AP650 and AP-7131 to May 15th, 2017. Service support will be available up to May 13th, 2020.