What's new with Motorola Wi-NG 5.6

Motorola Wi-Fi komponentyIn April 2014 Motorola released the new series of firmware for their Wi-Fi controllers and access points denoted as Wireless New Generation / Wi-NG 5.6.

What are the major news:

  • Support for new devicesAP-8163 outdoor access point and sensors on AP-8232.
  • Support for new virtual controller Motorola VX9000 (running on VMware ESXi, Citrix Xen or Hyper-V).
  • Apple Bonjour protocol support: Apple devices can automatically detect printers and other services.
  • Captive Portal for wired LAN: hotspot for wired clients.

  • Rate limit for both directions on L2TPv3 tunnels and extended VLANs over MINT layer 2: useful for WAN bandwidth management.

  • IPv6 protocol support, incl. captive portal and firewall.

  • Exterior BGP protocol support on NX4500 and NX6500 controllers.

  • T5 switch TS-524 and TW-51x (T5 Wi-Fi over VDSL) management support: adoption, firmware update and monitoring. Requires 1 Adaptive license for each TS-524 switch.

  • Increase of the number of cluster members from 2 to 6 for license sharing and AP load balancing. Useful for upgrades of Wi-NG 4 implementations with more than 2 RFS4000, RFS6000 or RFS7000 controllers.

  • All controllers now support Advanced WIPS functionality as a standard without the need to purchase an additional license. Rogue AP detection and classification is supported incl. the termination. Original additional licenses NX-9000-ANLYTC-LIC, RFS-XXXX-ADWIP-LIC and NX-XXXX-ADWIP-LIC are now obsolete.

Wi-NG 5.6 is currently not supported on the new Motorola NX7500 RF controllers.