TC20 - new Wi-Fi terminal from Zebra

Zebra TC20

From October 26, 2017, Zebra officially launched a new Android Wi-Fi phone - the TC20. This device does not have cellular phone/mobile data connectivity, it just uses Wi-Fi to connect to the network. This makes TC20 suitable for small-medium sized businesses in the retail, hospitality and small footprint warehousing industries. The TC25 terminal with phone/mobile data connectivity will be launched later.

The TC20 does not replace any existing product in a range of Zebra mobile terminals. It is Zebras' entry into a segment of cheaper smart-devices for small and medium-sized businesses in retail and field services.

The TC20 solution has 4 different product configurations:

  • TC20: Integrated SE2100 scanner with no rear facing camera and gray side scanner keys
  • TC20 Plus:Integrated  SE4710  scanner  with  rear  facing  camera  and  yellow  side  scanner  keys (compatible with trigger handle)
  • TC20 Keyboard: Integrated SE4710 scanner with rear facing camera, physical numeric keyboard, and yellow side scanner keys
  • TC20 RFID: Integrated SE4710 scanner with rear facing camera, more flash memory, and yellow  side scanner keys (compatible with RFD2000 RFID sled and trigger handle)

TC20 Features:

  • Ergonomic smartphone - pocket-size form factor
  • Two scan engine options: SE2100 and SE4710
  • 3000 mAh internal battery designed to support a full shift plus an optional snap on PowerPack for continuous use
  • Pre-installed  Workforce Connect PTT solution
  • Scan buttons on left and right side of the device
  • Android 7.0 (Nougat) OS at launch with the ability to support OS upgrades in the future
  • Compatibility with RFD2000, an optional UHF RFID sled for RFID tag reading
  • Extensive  accessory  eco-system, including  1-Slot cradles for charging and data communication, 5-slot cradles for large charging deployments and a field detachable trigger handle