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Ivanti Velocity terminal and web emulations on Android OS devices can be configured using .wldep deployment files generated on PC in Ivanti Velocity Console (by clicking Deploy button).

In order for the Velocity client on a mobile device to load the deployment file(s) correctly, they need to be placed in a specific directory:

  • If you are using Velocity client version 2.0.8, put the .wldep file(s) into /sdcard/com.wavelink.velocity/.
  • If you are using Velocity client version 2.0.9 or later on Android up to and including version 10, put the .wldep file(s) in /sdcard/Android/data/com.wavelink.velocity/files/.
  • If you are using Velocity Client version 2.0.9 or later on Android version 11 or higher, put the .wldep file(s) in the /sdcard/com.wavelink.velocity/ folder and use the Velocity File Assistant. This will internally copy all contents from /sdcard/com.wavelink.velocity/ to the user inaccessible folder /sdcard/Android/data/com.wavelink.velocity/files/ each time the Velocity client starts.



After executing a cold boot on a Windows CE device the operating system performs its fresh inicialization. The same happens when the main and backup batteries get completely discharged and you turn the unit on. If applications and settings are not prepared for such situation you probably have to perform a completely new manual device staging - install all applications and setup all the parametres from scratch.

You can prevent this by using super-persistent storage - which is (on Zebra/Symbol WinCE/WM devices) the \Application folder. Utilizing .CPY and .REG files you can restore files and registry entries into their original locations.

You may find more information about a device persistent setup in Integrator Guides of particular mobile devices.

You can also ask us for preparation of a customer-tailored staging package according to your specific needs. Such a staging package fully automates the initial device setup.

On some Zebra/Motorola/Symbol Windows CE/Windows Mobile devices Wi-Fi adapter stays off after the device cold boot. Fusion icon in the bottom right corner of the screen is crossed out.

To turn turn WLAN radio automatically on after a cold/clean boot add the following key/value into the system registry:

Fusion 2 devices, like MC3190 and MC9190:


Fusion X2 devices, like MC2180, MC32N0, MC92N0 and WT41N0:


For automatic operation create a REG file according to the above and put it in \Application folder.

It's impossible to perform the operating system replacement (Windows CE from/to Windows Mobile or Windows CE from/to Android) without sending the unit to the Zebra Repair Center. Some device types require hardware changes.

Subversions OS upgrade is the matter of OEM OS Update and for customers with valid service contracts the upgrade is free. In this terms you can upgrade Windows Mobile 6.1 to Windows Mobile 6.5 on MC3190, MC55 and MC75. The similar rules apply to Android OS.

Each OS change means setting to factory defaults. All user applications and settings are removed.

Zebra/Symbol/Motorola devices running Windows CE or Windows Mobile OS can be easily set to factory defaults using this simple procedure:

  • Verify that in mobile device's \Application folder contains subfolder airbeam with subfolders _pt and pkg. These folders should be present on all Zebra/Symbol/Motorola devices. They may be empty.
  • Using Wi-Fi, Ethernet cradle or GPRS/3G connect your device to the internet. DNS and FTP services are required.
  • Start Rapid Deployment Client (Start > Programs > Rapid Deployment Client).
  • If your scanner supports reading of 2D barcodes scan 2D symbol from the appropriate PDF file printed or displayed on the screen from the link below.
  • If your scanner supports just 1D symbols print appropriate PDF file and scan all barcodes. Symbols may be scanned in any order, each symbol at least once.
  • Connect power but disconnect local data connection to PC (USB/RS-232).
  • Wait for restart.
  • Proceed with display calibration if your device has a resistive touch panel.

Factory reset for ES400
Factory reset for MC18 with Windows Embedded Compact 7 (CE7)
Factory default for MC2180
Factory reset for MC3190 with Windows CE6
Factory reset for MC3190 with Windows Mobile 6.5
Factory default pro MC32N0 with Windows Embedded Compact 7 (CE7)
Factory reset for MC55A with Windows Mobile 6.5
Factory reset for MC55N0
Factory reset for MC67
Factory reset for MC70 with Windows Mobile 5.0
Factory reset for MC75A0
Factory reset for MC9090 with Windows Mobile 5.0
Factory reset for MC9190 with Windows CE6
Factory reset for MC9190 with Windows Mobile 6.5
Factory reset for MC92N0 with Windows Embedded Compact 7 (CE7)
Factory reset for MC92N0 with Windows Mobile 6.5
Factory reset for MC9590
Factory reset for MC9596
Factory reset for WT41N0

Mobile terminal MC3090 is getting no valid IP address from DHCP on a Wi-Fi network with WEP security, although it shows full Wi-Fi signal. Assigning a static IP address does not help. What should be changed in MC3090 settings to start the IP communication?

The problem may have following causes:

  • Wrong Country settings in Fusion Options. Run Fusion Config Editor (Start > Programs > Fusion > WCConfigure) and in Options > Regulatory set the country corresponding to your Wi-Fi infrastructure settings. Uncheck "Enable 802.11d" option. Save the settings using the "Save" button.
  • Using a wrong WEP Passkey. If you are setting encryption using Fusion wizard, you can select "Use Passkey" for 40-Bit WEP a 128-Bit WEP encryptions. Encryption keys may be then entered as an alphanumeric string. WEP Passkey usually works fine when using with Motorola/Symbol Wi-Fi infrastructure. If you are using other manufacturers access points the Passkey cannot be usually used. Instead you have to use hexadecimal form of encryption keys.

The same settings apply to MC9090, VC5090 or WT4090.

Ivanti / Wavelink Telnet terminal emulators (TE) or Telnet clients are pre-installed on some devices and, in some cases, they are also pre-licensed. In such a case there is no need to buy the Ivanti / Wavelink license. Otherwise, each device requires one license to be purchased, which is portable (so it is not tied to a specific device).

Devices with pre-licensed Wavelink TE:

  • Zebra/Symbol/Motorola Windows CE gun terminals
  • Zebra/Symbol/Motorola VC5090 and VC70N0 vehicle terminals
  • Zebra/Symbol/Motorola WT4090 a WT41N0 wearable terminals
  • Datalogic gun terminals

Detailed list of pre-installed and prelicensed devices is here:

Device Type
Pre-installed Pre-licensed
 MC3090-G, WinCE 5 YES YES - v7.0 
 MC3090 w/o gun, WinCE 5 YES  NO
MC3190-G, WinCE 6  YES YES - v7.0,
units manufactured after 1-Jan-2012 - v7.3
MC3190 w/o gun, WinCE 6 YES NO
MC3190-G, WM NO YES - v7.0,
units manufactured after 1-Jan-2012 - v7.3
MC3190 w/o gun, WM NO NO
MC32N0-G, WinCE 7 YES YES - v7.3
MC32N0 w/o gun, WinCE 7 YES NO
MC32N0-G, WM 6.5 NO YES - v7.3
MC32N0 w/o gun, WM 6.5 NO NO
MC32N0-G, Android JellyBean YES YES
MC32N0 w/o gun, Android JellyBean   NO NO
MC9060-G, WinCE 4.2 YES YES - v7.0
MC9060 w/o gun, WinCE 4.2 NO NO
MC9060-G, WM 2003 NO YES - v7.0
MC9060 w/o gun, WM2003 NO NO
MC9090-G, WinCE 5 YES YES - v7.0
MC9090 w/o gun, WinCE 5 YES NO
MC9090-G, WM NO YES - v7.0
MC9090 w/o gun, WM NO NO
MC9190-G, WinCE 6 YES YES - v7.0,
units manufactured after 1-Jan-2012 - v7.3
MC9190-G, WM 6.5 NO YES - v7.0,
units manufactured after 1-Jan-2012 - v7.3
MC92N0-G, WinCE 7 YES YES - v7.3
MC92N0-G, WM 6.5 NO YES - v7.3
MC92N0-G, Android KitKat YES YES
VC5090 YES YES - v7.0
VC70N0 YES YES - v7.3
WT4090 YES YES - v7.0
WT41N0 YES YES - v7.3

Ivanti / Wavelink Telnet can be downloaded from It is recommended to download and use the latest TE version even for pre-installed devices.

There is a new generation emulation client called Ivanti Velocity pre-installed and pre-licensed on the newer Zebra Android devices like the TC8000, TC8300, MC33+MC33x with a pistol grip, MC93, VC80x, VC8300 and WT6000. These devices are not pre-installed and/or pre-licensed with legacy Wavelink TE.

Please note that no terminal emulation is pre-licensed on the WT6300 and any versions of the MC3300ax.

Are you interested in the Ivanti Wavelink portfolio? Ask for a license price quote especially for you - please use one of the contacts.

On Zebra mobile terminals with Android OS, the PTT Express client, formerly Workforce Connect PTT Express, is pre-installed. The client provides a simple Push-To-Talk (PTT) voice solution with group call and private response capabilities across a single network subnet. The PTT Express solution uses Wi-Fi infrastructure and requires no servers or PBX integration.

Until Android 8.1 (Oreo), PTT Express was pre-licensed, in other words, no license had to be purchased. For Android 10 and above, every device where PTT Express is used must be licensed. This is a perpetual license, its SKU is WFCPTTE-EXPR-T1-PRD.

Since Android 13, Zebra has used extended XML (eXML), which is correlated with the use of different barcodes generated with StageNow. You need StageNow version 5.9 or higher to create these barcodes. In the Publish section, the software will offer you to generate 4 different types of barcodes:

  • PDF417 - for devices with a 2D scanner ( which are the vast majority today) running Android 11 or lower,
  • Linear - for devices with 1D laser with Android 11 or lower,
  • JS PDF417 - for devices with a 2D scanner running Android 13 or higher,
  • JS Linear - for devices with a 1D laser running Android 13 or higher.

Zebra/Symbol/Motorola running Android 4.4 KitKat or later OS can be reset to their factory defaults by the following simple steps:

  • Start pre-installed StageNow app.
  • Scan the barcode from the printed PDF file (one of the links below) or directly from computer's screen.
  • Wait until device reboots.

Note: Zebra devices also support a special type of reset called "Enterprise reset". This type of reset does NOT delete /enterprise folder, dedicated internal SD card and external SD card.

Below is a summary of what Zebra Android device resets affect:

Reset Type /data /enterprise Emulated Internal
SD Card
Dedicated Internal
SD Card
SD Card
Enterprise Reset Erase Persist Erase Persist Persist
Factory Reset Erase Erase Erase Persist Persist
Full Factory Reset (with SD) Erase Erase Erase Erase Erase