Zebra Android Device Lockdown

Can I lock my Zebra Android device so that the user can only access selected apps?

Zebra Android devices can be locked using the freely available Enterprise Home Screen utility so that the user can only access applications published by the administrator to the desktop. Access to admin mode is only possible with knowledge of the password.

Enterprise Home Screen is similar to the AppCenter utility known from Zebra/Motorola terminals with Windows CE and Windows Mobile operating systems.

To demonstrate how Enterprise Home Screen (EHS) works on Zebra Android devices, you can use the following demo, for which you will only need a configured Internet connection with FTP communication enabled on port 21 in addition to your own mobile device:

  • Connect your device to the internet

  • Launch the StageNow app

  • Scan the 2D barcode marked with a red 1 or all numbered 1D codes from one of the following documents depending on your Android version:

  • Upon successful connection, the Microsoft Remote Desktop, Ivanti Velocity, and Enterprise Home Screen apps will be installed
  • Enterprise Home Screen locks the device desktop and publishes 3 icons: Remote Desktop, Velocity, and Calculator
  • Verify that only selected apps are accessible to the device user
  • To enter Enterprise Home Screen admin mode, select Tools > Admin Login (password is abcd)

  • To return to Enterprise Home Screen user mode, select Tools > Admin Logout

  • To uninstall the above demo, run StageNow (available via the Tools menu) and remove the 2D barcode marked with a red 1 or all numbered 1D codes from the MSWebDemo_Uninstall.pdf document. The Remote Desktop, Ivanti Velocity and Enterprise Home Screen applications will be uninstalled and the device will automatically reboot.