Wavelink Telnet License

Wavelink Telnet Client licensing on pre-licensed Zebra (Motorola) devices

MC3090-G, MC3190-G, MC9060-G, MC9090-G, MC9190-G, WT4090 and VC5090 are running pre-licensed version 7.0 of Wavelink Telnet Client in any sub-version. If you are using version Telnet 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3 the device will aks for a license key. However, if you have a valid Motorola hardware maintenance contract you are entitled to use the latest Wavelink Telnet on the pre-licensed devices. In such case contant Zebra support for getting update licenses.

Exception to the statement above is the MC3190-G and MC9190-G manufactured after January 1st 2012. On these devices version 7.3.85 or newer is pre-licensed.

On the newer devices MC32N0-G (both CE7 and Android OS), MC92N0-G, WT41N0, VC70N0 and VC6090 is Wavelink Telnet 7.3.x pre-licensed.

The TE client is by default pre-installed on Windows CE versions of pre-licensed devices. It is not installed on pre-licensed WEHH (Windows Mobile) devices - it must be downloaded and installed from www.wavelink.com/download. An exception to this is the VC6090 vehicle terminal, where Wavelink Telnet client is both pre-licensed and pre-loaded.

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