MC3090 and WEP

Terminal MC3090 is getting no valid IP addess from WEP-secured Wi-Fi network

Mobile terminal MC3090 is getting no valid IP address from DHCP on a Wi-Fi network with WEP security, although it shows full Wi-Fi signal. Assigning a static IP address does not help. What should be changed in MC3090 settings to start the IP communication?

The problem may have following causes:

  • Wrong Country settings in Fusion Options. Run Fusion Config Editor (Start > Programs > Fusion > WCConfigure) and in Options > Regulatory set the country corresponding to your Wi-Fi infrastructure settings. Uncheck "Enable 802.11d" option. Save the settings using the "Save" button.
  • Using a wrong WEP Passkey. If you are setting encryption using Fusion wizard, you can select "Use Passkey" for 40-Bit WEP a 128-Bit WEP encryptions. Encryption keys may be then entered as an alphanumeric string. WEP Passkey usually works fine when using with Motorola/Symbol Wi-Fi infrastructure. If you are using other manufacturers access points the Passkey cannot be usually used. Instead you have to use hexadecimal form of encryption keys.

The same settings apply to MC9090, VC5090 or WT4090.