Wavelink VelocityCE

Wavelink VelocityCE is an enterprise browser for mobile devices running Windows CE or Windows Mobile. VelocityCE is engineered to address key traditional browser shortcomings such as poor performance, connection interruptions, lack of scanner support and narrow OS platform support. It also introduces a new set of features to enhance web application performance. With industry-leading performance and connection persistence, VelocityCE is built to overcome traditional browser difficulties and limitations and performs in the most challenging environments. VelocityCE is designed for scanning intensive applications and is optimized for mobile workers.
With VelocityCE, you can easily and securely deploy mission-critical web-based applications to all mobile workers with connection persistence and rich and consistent HTML rendering.

The development of VelocityCE and the sale of licenses was terminated on December 31st, 2022.
Wavelink Velocity Configurator