Device Management

wavelink-avalanche-logoWavelink Avalanche

Wavelink Avalanche is a mobile device management solution that solves the challenges associated with managing the wireless ecosystem. Avalanche streamlines and automates mobile device management tasks across the wireless LAN and WWAN, and ensures that the wireless environment is secure. Avalanche also provides comprehensive remote help desk support and remains the only solution available to manage every component of the enterprise. With Avalanche, companies will save up to 60% a year by reducing wireless costs, improving productivity and ensuring strong security across the network. 

RemoteControlRemote Control

Avalanche Remote Control is a mobile help desk solution that provides administrators with an exact replica of what end-user’s are experiencing. Remote Control allows administrators to support device users in the field remotely, without actually having to be in the field with the physical device. This lets administrators provide assisted guidance for an end-user, thereby reducing mobile device downtime and increasing end-user productivity.


Wavelink Avalanche SecurePlus (formerly CE Secure) provides advanced user authentication and security on Windows CE and Windows Mobile devices. With SecurePlus, administrators can restrict access to devices, their applications and data. Combined with client-side intelligence, Avalanche SecurePlus guards against the compromise of sensitive data when a device is lost or stolen. All of this from a solution that offers easy-to-use administrative features and a fully configurable device-side user interface that streamlines your training time, and increases productivity.