Extreme WiNG Wi-Fi

motorola wlan portfolioExtreme WiNG (formerly Zebra Technologies, Motorola Solutions and Symbol Technologies) wireless LANs represent a complete set of hardware components, services and management features to run a truly enterprise wireless network.

The main components of WiNG WLANs are Access Points and Wi-Fi controllers.

Types of the Access Points are:
  • Thin AP: Fewer own intelligence, cannot work without an Wi-Fi controller, and all wireless traffic is tunneled through the Wi-Fi controller. Examples include Zebra AP100, AP200, AP300, and AP650 (with WiNG 4 only).
  • Dependent AP: Cannot work without Wi-Fi controller but the wireless traffic must not be tunneled through the Wi-Fi controller. Examples are AP621, AP622 and AP650 (with WiNG 5 only).
  • Independent AP: They are able to work without an Wi-Fi controller. Wi-Fi controller can be used for their central management or extending of security.
    Examples of Indepent APs:
    • AP-5131 802.11a/b/g access point (WiNG 3 and 4 only)
    • AP-6521, AP-6522, AP-8132 or AP-8163 802.11a/b/g/n access points
    • AP-7522 or AP-7532 802.11ac access points
    • AP-7632 802.11ac Wave 2 access points.

Extreme Networks offers the following types of Wi-Fi controllers:

  • RFS4000 - for smaller networks and the installation of the branches, can handle up to 6 Thin APs or 36 Independent/Dependent APs
  • RFS6000 - for medium-sized Wi-Fi network can handle up to 48 Thin APs or 256 Independent/Dependent APs (discontinued)
  • NX7500 - integrated LAN/WLAN solution supporting up to 1024 Wi-NG APs
  • VX9000 - virtualized WiNG controller

Wi-Fi controllers can be connected together into clusters to manage and secure large Wi-Fi networks exceeding boundaries of countries.

What we offer

  • Extreme (Zebra/Motorola/Symbol) WiNG product setup. The setup may include:
    • Network communication setup (IP addresses, names)
    • WLAN settings (SSID, encryption, authentication)
    • Integrated services setup (RADIUS, hotspot, DHCP, etc.)
    • Advanced security setup (Wireless IDS and IPS)
  • Sale of discontinued/used Zebra/Motorola/Symbol WiNG devices such as WS5000, WS5100, WS2000, RFS4000 or RFS6000 Wi-Fi controllers, Dependent APs (AP100, AP300, AP621, AP622 and AP650) and Independent access points from Symbol, Motorola or Zebra, including AP-5131, AP-6521, AP-6532, AP-7131, AP-7522 and AP-7532.