Terminal Emulation

Terminal emulations represent a common way of mobile devices integration into host systems in a thin client mode. Wavelink's emulation software is being used on more than 4 millions mobile devices worldwide. Except of 5250, 3270, VT and HP text-oriented emulations also web access is supported.

Wavelink Velocity

Wavelink Velocity is a terminal emulation (Telnet) client for for mobile device running Google Android OS. To the existing legacy text based interface it adds a reformatted touchscreen interface which makes application use more user friendly.

Wavelink Telnet Client

Wavelink Terminal Emulation (Wavelink TE) is the industry leading emulation client for accessing, managing and maintaining connections to applications resident on host systems using popular emulation types that include 5250, 3270, VT and HP emulation. It is in use on more than 4 million mobile devices worldwide, including many of the largest retailers in the world. Except traditional enterprise operating systems like Microsoft Windows CE and Windows Mobile Wavelink TE supports also Android-based devices, including the Motorola ET1 rugged enterprise tablet.

Wavelink ConnectPro

When you use the Wavelink Telnet client, as part of your connectivity solution, you also can involve session persistence from Wavelink ConnectPro. Wavelink ConnectPro resides between the client and the host and maintains a steady connection to the host, which is crucial to those environments where users must maintain application connectivity or where RF coverage is poor.

Screen Reformatter

The Screen Reformatter is a powerful WYSIWYG tool provided with Wavelink Telnet clients which allows administrators to capture emulation screens and reformat them. This optimizes the end-users experience on a mobile device and delivers customized screens for their particular working environment. Screen Reformatter can be used also for an easy integration of voice technology of Wavelink Speakeasy.

Wavelink Industrial Browser

Wavelink’s Industrial Browser is a device independent solution for the web access in the enterprise environment. It is built to overcome many of the shortcomings of standard browsers shipped on many devices, it satisfies the most demanding environments. Features include native barcode scanner support, RFID reader support, full screen mode, custom meta tags etc. It is designed both for those wishing to migrate an existing telnet emulation application, to those implementing brand new web-based applications.

Wavelink VelocityCE

Wavelink VelocityCE is an enterprise web browser for mobile devices running Windows CE or Windows Mobile. VelocityCE is engineered to address key traditional browser shortcomings such as poor performance, connection interruptions, lack of scanner support and narrow OS platform support. It also introduces a new set of features to enhance web application performance. With industry-leading performance and connection persistence, VelocityCE is built to overcome traditional browser difficulties and limitations and performs in the most challenging environments. VelocityCE is designed for scanning intensive applications and is optimized for mobile workers.
With VelocityCE, you can easily and securely deploy mission-critical web-based applications to all mobile workers with connection persistence and rich and consistent HTML rendering.