When to use a Mobile Device Management system

When an MDM system makes sense?

When your company uses dozens of mobile terminals, implementing a mobile device management system (MDM) is almost a must. With MDM, you will have an inventory of the terminals in terms of their comprehensive records (location, information about hardware and software components). You will be able to quickly and easily set up the devices, reconfigure them for use in different locations, etc. You will be able to provide mobile users with an instant helpdesk.

However, the remote management system will also be advantageous for smaller installations, especially if the mobile devices are running "thick client" software that requires frequent updates. The system allows you to upload software to devices remotely without having to collect it in one place, which can sometimes be a problem, especially for mobile devices used in the field. This can make the work of more than just IT staff very easy and efficient.

Mobile device management systems can also monitor device resource usage, such as memory, battery or Wi-Fi adapter status, remotely access logs, etc.