Soti Work Profile Enrollment

How can I enroll a "Work Profile" device into Soti MobiControl?

In the Soti MobiControl web console:

  • Prepare an Enrollment Policy linked to your Managed Google Play work account:

Soti Enrollment Policy

On a GMS-enabled mobile device:

  • Make sure your device can access Google services through your private Google account.
  • Search for "Soti MobiControl Agent" in Google Play and install it:
    Downloading Soti agent from Google Play 
  • Start the MobiControl agent and enter the Enrollment ID or the URL of the MobiControl server:
    Entering Soti Enrollment ID
  • The agent is installed, prompting several confirmations from the user (the images are from the Samsung phone setup):
    Work Profile setup on a Samsung device Work Profile setup on a Samsung device
  • After registration, it is recommended to uninstall the MobiControl agent from your private profile (icon without the work bag):
    Uninstalling MobiControl agent from the private profile
  • In the work profile, tap the MobiControl icon (with the work bag), assign all requested permissions to the agent one by one, and verify that it is connected:
    Enrolled Samsung device Soti Agent permissions Soti agent connected
  • If an "Apps Policy" with installation of apps from corporate Google Play is included and the device has been enrolled with an Enrollment Policy referencing this Managed Google Account, apps marked as Mandatory will be automatically installed.
  • If you "Un-enroll" the device, the work profile is deleted, i.e. the content (apps, settings and data) installed via Soti MobiControl is wiped.