Zebra Device Enrollment to Soti

How do I typically enroll a Zebra device into Soti MobiControl?

In Soti MC web console:

  • Prepare an Enrollment Policy.
  • Use the "Download agent" and "INI File" of this policy to download the mcsetup.ini file.

In Zebra StageNow on PC:

  • Create a StageNow XpertConfig profile that contains the following components and settings:
    • Wi-Fi - optional: setup of Wi-Fi or other network connectivity.
    • FileMgr: Transfer of the mcsetup.ini file to the root of the internal storage location (/sdcard). The mcsetup.ini file will ensure that the mobile device will be connected to your specific MobiControl server.
    • FileMgr: Transfer of apk file with Soti agent installation. You can download this file from the Soti web site. For Zebra devices with Android 8.1 and above, select from the "Android Enterprise Agent" section, for older Android versions from the "Android - OEM Specific Agent and Plugins" section.
    • AppMgr: Install Soti agent .apk.
    • IntentMgr: Using the "Enroll Device Owner" option, ensure that the Soti agent is assigned as the device owner.
      Package Name = net.soti.mobicontrol.androidwork, Class Name = net.soti.mobicontrol.admin.DeviceAdminAdapter
      For Android+ (i.e. typically Android 7 or lower): Package Name = net.soti.mobicontrol.motorola, Class Name = net.soti.mobicontrol.admin.DeviceAdminAdapter.
    • IntentMgr - optional: launch Soti agent
      For Android Enterprise (i.e. typically Android 8.1): Package Name = net.soti.mobicontrol.androidwork, Class Name = net.soti.mobicontrol.startup.SplashActivity
      For Android+ (i.e. typically Android 7 or lower): Package Name = net.soti.mobicontrol.motorola, Class Name = net.soti.mobicontrol.startup.SplashActivity
  • Generate barcodes for the created StageNow profile.

On Zebra mobile device:

  • Reset the device to factory defaults.
  • If network connectivity is not part of your StageNow profile, set it manually..
  • Apply the StageNow profile for Soti enrollment:
    soti zebra enrollment 01
  • If the file transfer and installation of the Soti agent has been successful and the StageNow profile includes an automatic start of the agent, the device will be automatically enrolled to Soti MobiControl based on the information in the mcsetup.ini file:
    soti zebra enrollment 02
  • MobiControl starts applying Soti profiles. For example, in the picture below, a kiosk mode profile (Lockdown) is applied, where the normal user is only able to run two allowed applications:
    soti zebra enrollment 03