Soti MobiControl v15.5

Soti MobiControlSoti Inc. recently released MobiControl version 15.5. Here is the list of major news and changes.

  • Android Enrollment Policies (formerly called Add Device Rules) creation and management is migrated to the next-generation user interface. The new design provides a view of all Android Enrollment Policies in a list along with a detailed view of each policy. The Android Enrollment URLs have changed in this version of SOTI MobiControl. If you are upgrading MobiControl to this version, Enrollment URLs of the Enrollment policies created before the upgrade will continue to work.This backward compatibility is made possible with a new toggle in Global Settings under Enrollment Rules to redirect the old enrollment URLs to the new URL. However, the backward compatibility will end in a future version of MobiControl (released after 12 months). Soti recommends moving to the new URLs for all Android Enrollment policies as soon as possible to avoid any potential issues. Additionally, Google Chrome is required on the device side during the enrollment process.
  • Policy features have been migrated to the next-generation interface in SOTI MobiControl under the Policies menu item. All the existing policies such as App, Compliance, and Enrollment are listed along with legacy rules such as File Sync, Device Relocation, Data Collection, and Alerts.
  • Enterprise apps deployed as mandatory apps now automatically uninstall when the corresponding app policy is removed.
  • Configure App-specific and OEM-specific policies on your Android Enterprise devices using Managed Configurations without requiring Google Play Services. With this upgrade, you can easily manage and deploy OEM Specific features on Android devices even without the Google access.
  • Enroll personally-owned Android devices into Work Profile management using Google's new Android Management APIs. Installation of the SOTI MobiControl agent is not required any more. You can enroll your devices into Work Profile via Android Management API using Enrollment Policies, configure them by deploying supported Profiles, and can deploy Apps from Google Play Store using App Policies.
  • You can now conditionally grant or deny access to Microsoft 365 apps and other mobile apps which utilize Azure AD authentication on Android or iOS devices. SOTI MobiControl integration with Microsoft allows you to use MobiControl device compliance status in Azure AD conditional access policies. When configured, only the compliance statuses of devices assigned to the compliance policy will be reported to Microsoft, enabling you to manage the scope of the devices synchronized with Microsoft.
  • Keep Windows Modern devices up-to-date with the latest Windows Updates available through Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or the public Windows Update service. Through MobiControl, you can control the types of Windows Updates to apply to the devices, such as feature releases or security patches. In addition, there are a variety of new controls, including when to apply the updates automatically, differ the update for a period, mandate MobiControl Administrator approval before using the updates, and more.

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