Soti MobiControl v13.0

soti mobicontrol v13 smallSoti released MobiControl version 13.0. From the perspective of entriprose class MDM the most important change is the new way of working with software packages. Packages are not any more installed via Deployment Rules, but using profiles where you can specify not only the order of installation, but also a version of package used. Versions of packages in the profiles may be changed later without having to first remove the required profile and then re-create. From my point of view, this was a pain of the previous MobiControl versions.

Among other enhancements coming with MobiControl version 13 we can list the support of Android for Work, Windows 10 (Azure MDM enrollment), greater management capabilities on Sony devices (Certificate Management, Root Detection, Disable Cellular and NFC functionality) and improvement to the Self-Service Portal (SPP) . SPP allows end users to manage their mobile devices individually via a dedicated web interface and locate, lock, message or wipe devices if lost or stolen.

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