Motorola drops MSP, SOTI MobiControl coming out

SOTI MobiControl Web UIMotorola Solutions announced end of development of Mobility Services Platform (MSP) management solution. Sale of MSP licenses will be finished in December 2013. As a replacement SOTI MobiControl is offered to the current and new customers.

The main advantage of MobiControl is support for wide range of mobile devices: from enterprise class devices of many manufacturers to consumer smart phones and tablets. MobiControl supports all main mobile operating systems including Google Android and Apple iOS. MobiControl brings a user friendly web interface. Devices can be enterprise or consumer class, employee or corporate owned, with virtually any operating system. Since MobiControl supports any Wi-Fi or cellular network, your IT team can configure, provision, secure, monitor, track, troubleshoot and resolve mobile device issues, no matter where in the world.

SOTI MobiControl Client is not pre-installed on Motorola mobile devices. It can be understood as a disadvantage. But using pre-installed Rapid Deployment Client and an FTP server used for MobiControl client staging it can be worked around.

SOTI MobiControl licenses can be purchased from Motoroly partners. Tier 1 technical support is provided by Motorola, higher levels directly by SOTI.

MSP customers with active service contracts will be offered a one-for-one exchange for SOTI licenses at no additional cost. They will then receive a credit for the remainder of the contract life, which can be applied towards a new SOTI contract. All MobiControl licenses require a new support contract minimum for the first year.

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