MC3200 Android SKUs, MC40 and MT2090 End of Sale

Zebra announced end of sale on all MC3200 Android SKUs, all MC40 and MT2090 - WLAN models of the MT2000 series - by the end of 2018.

The MC3200 with Android OS is discontinued due to the availability of modern and objectively better MC3300 series. Thanks to one big overseas customer, Zebra is up and running at the last minute with outdated Android 4.2 on the MC3200 to version 5 (Lollipop).There are currently no planned EOS dates for the Microsoft CE 7.0 MC3200 SKUs at this time.

The MC40 is product with a long history. For this device Zebra have developed Android from Jellybean, Kitkat to Lollipop - which is quite unique in comparison to other devices, but also a lot of childhood illnesses. It was popular mainly in the US market.

The MT2090 with Windows CE 5 ends suddenly and without replacements due to the unavailability of Wi-Fi chips from subcontractors. The other scanner from the MT2000 series - MT2070 (w/o WiFi) - is still on offer.