StageNow, Velocity and Remote Desktop demo for Zebra Android

zebra mc9300I have prepared a simple demo for Zebra Android mobile devices that introduces:

  • StageNow client - for an easy device setup and app installations using the barcodes
  • Ivanti Velocity client - Telnet and web server access
  • Remote Desktop client - Microsoft Windows Server remote access via RDP
  • Enterprise Home Screen - device screen lockdown with selected apps user access only + full administrator access via a password

To launch the demo you need a Zebra Android device with the Internet connectivity and FTP traffic allowed on port 21:

  • Connect your device to the Internet - most commonly via Wi-Fi
  • Start StageNow
  • Scan 2D barcode No 1 or all numbered 1D codes respectively from one of the following documents based on your device OS:
  • If the connection is successful the device will install Ivanti Velocity, Remote Desktop and Enterprise Home Screen automatically
  • Enterprise Home Screen locks the device desktop and publishes 4 icons: Remote Desktop, Velocity, Calculator and Info
  • Tap:
    • RemoteDesktop: to connect to the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 via RDP (password is D3m02014*Test)
    • Velocity: to connect to a demo Telnet and web server
  • To access Enterprise Home Screen administrator mode select Admin Login from the Tools menu (password is abcd)
  • To return to the Enterprise Home Screen user mode select Admin Logout from the Tools menu
  • To uninstall this demo from the mobile device run StageNow and scan 2D barcode No. 1 or all numbered 1D codes from the MSWebDemo_Uninstall.pdf. It uninstalls Velocity client, Remote Desktop and Enterprise Home Screen and reboots the device automatically.