Zebra Wi-NG Express

Access Point Zebra AP-7522EZebra has launched a portfolio of cheap Wi-Fi products, collectively called as Wi-NG Express. This is a series of 802.11n and 802.11ac access points, one physical and one virtual controller. Controllers are called Wi-NG Express Manager.
Access points are based on the existing types AP-6511, AP-6521, AP-6522, AP6562, AP-7502 and AP-7522 and can be identified by the letter E in the name of AP.
Wi-NG Express devices has not all of the options of traditional Wi-NG 5 (eg. missing CLI, there is no integrated WIPS, RADIUS AP etc.). But for small and medium-sized installations often enough. The main attraction is the price to compete SOHO manufacturers such as Netgear and Zyxel.

As with the "big" Wi-NG 5 the Wi-NG Express supports AP in the role of a virtual controller - the AP has an ability to control up to 24 additional APs of the same type. For larger networks (max. 1024 APs) there are NX7510E and VX9000E Express Managers available. They come with 64 pre-installed licenses. Express Manager is useful in an implementation of the centralized WLAN management at different locations or when using different AP types.
Configuration of Wi-NG Express is only possible via a web interface, which is similar to the classic interface of the AP-6521 with firmware 5.5.6 or later.
Products are not interchangeable, ie. classic Wi-NG 5 Controller cannot manage the Express AP and vice versa Wi-NG Express controller cannot control the Wi-NG 5 APs. The same about the virtual controllers.