SOTI MobiControl v12

soti logoSOTI launched MobiControl version 12 with new features and improvements.

New Features include the following:

  • Device Configuration via Profiles
    A Profile is a named collection of device configurations that represent a user persona or common configurations. Profiles provides the following enhancements to device configuration:
    • Improves visibility of device compliance by providing a versioned installation status of a Profile across all targeted devices.
    • Assign a profile to devices matching properties such as manufacturer, model, OS version, installed applications, etc.
    • Assign a Profile to devices where the associated user is a member of one or more LDAP groups. Exclusion of members based on LDAP groups is also available.
    • Schedule deployment and subsequent revocation of a Profile.
    • Extended security model provides greater flexibility for administrative roles to manage specific Profiles.
    • Optionally delegate the installation of a Profile to the device user through the “Profile Catalog”.

  • Enhanced Device Enrollment
    • Reduces the need for multiple Add Device Rules by mapping LDAP groups to Device Groups in a single rule.
    • Provides a single enrollment URL for end users to initiate enrollment with on-screen step-by-step enrollment instructions for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
    • Restricts enrollment to approved OS versions.

  • MobiControl Stage
    MobiControl Stage is a rapid provisioning solution that allows for immediate “out-of-the-box” device set up. MobiControl Stage supports rapid staging for Android and Windows Mobile/CE.
    • Expedites the enrollment and initial provisioning by scanning barcodes to configure network connectivity and download the MobiControl device agent.
    • Reduces bandwidth overhead by provisioning devices directly from a local HTTP or FTP server.

  • Zebra Printer Integration
    MobiControl 12 introduces support for managing Zebra Wi-Fi and Ethernet-connected printers including:
    • Distribution of configurations such as network, printer labels, fonts, etc.
    • Maintenance tasks such as firmware upgrades, executing test prints, and gathering logs etc.
    • Configuration of alerts based on various printer attributes.
    • Must download the SOTI Connector from Zebra and purchase the Zebra Professional Services

Here is the list of some other news related to the MobiControl v12:

  • MobiControl Manager has been discontinued and is no longer supported or compatible with MobiControl 12.
  • Anonymous authentication to the Web Console has been removed. Users will be prompted to provide a password for a default account with the username Administrator if console security was not enabled prior to upgrade.
  • Support has been discontinued for Pocket PC and Smartphone 2002 devices with MIPS, SH3, SH4 and eVC3 processors.
  • Removed the ability to disable SSL for Agent communication.
  • Added option to delete devices from the Web Console when un-enrolled by the end user.
  • Adds Android+ support for BQ, Kyocera and Sony
  • The following device configuration features were added to Motorola/Zebra EMC devices via Device Feature Control payload:
    • Certificate Installation
    • Disable Hardware Keys
    • Disable USB Mass Storage
    • Disable USB Debugging

SOTI licenses are available as perpetual, end user hosted and SOTI hosted.