SOTI released MobiControl v11

SOTI MobiControl v11In January 2014 SOTI released version 11 of the MobiControl - premium mobile device management system (MDM).

MobiControl v11 comes with a lot of new features and enhancements including the following:

  • Support for managing Windows Phone 8 devices
  • Support for iOS 7 MDM features
  • Support for Samsung KNOX
  • Support for scheduling administrative reports
  • Multi-file upload functionality in the Content Library
  • Enhancements for Motorola Android-based devices 
    • Added support for SD Card encryption
    • Added support for distribution of private keyed certificates
    • Added support for configuring system settings via Enterprise MX XML

  • Enhancements for Motorola devices with Windows CE and Windows Mobile
    • Added support for cold (CE) and clean (WM) boots
    • Added support for persistent storage of packages