Motorola MC2100 Handheld Terminals Innovations

Motorola MC2180Motorola Solutions launches new configurations of MC2180 handheld terminals with Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 Professional and 256MB/256MB RAM/Flash memory. Original models with Windows CE 6.0 Core and 128 MB/256 MB RAM/Flash continue to be available, too.
The difference between WinCE Core and Professional is the following: both of them have the same core, the Professional version has additionally the Internet Explorer and Remote Desktop Client built-in.
The MC21xx with both WinCE Core and Professional utilize the same API which means that applications are compatible. All accessories are compatible, too.

Next, Motorola announced release of the Rev C version of the operating system software for the existing Windows CE 6.0 Core models.

Following is a high level overview of feature enhancements and fixes incorporated into the Rev C software release:

  • CCX v4 certified WLAN
  • interated PTT Express v1.1.49
  • RhoElements Framework - v02.
  • RhoElements Basic Browser v2.0 (MC2180 only)
  • DataWedge - v3.5.18
  • Additional bug fixes

All customers will have access to the Rev C software for the MC2100 family free of charge.

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