Motorola MC9090-Z: new mobile RFID reader

Motorola MC9090ZIn August 2011 Motorola Solutions released a new mobile EPC RFID reader combined with a barcode scanner. It's named MC9090-Z and from its predecessor MC9090-G RFID it varies especially in 30% faster RFID decoding on up to twice longer distances. This reader complies with European RFID standards. Up to 650000 RFID tags decodings may be performed with a fully charged battery. Options include a standard laser, Extended Range laser or 2D imager. Pistol grip determines MC9090-Z for the use in an industrial environment. MC9090-Z has a color touch display and operating system Windows Mobile 6.1. MC9090-Z's API is different from the one for MC9090-G RFID. Therefore application migration request the newest EMDK use.