WLAN Setup

Motorola AP-6521 web interfaceWe will help you with the configuratio of Extreme WiNG (Zebra / Motorola / Symbol) components according to recommended security standards. This applies to both RF controllers and individual APs.


  • You spend minimum time with wireless deployment
  • The result will be a wireless network that meets your expectations
  • Your wireless network will be secure

WLAN setup may include

  • Network communication setup (IP addresses, names etc.)
  • WLAN settings (SSID, encryption, authentication)
  • Setup of integrated services (RADIUS, hotspot, DHCP etc.)
  • Advanced security settings (Wireless IDS and IPS)

Supported products

  • All Extreme WiNG (Zebra/Motorola/Symbol) Wi-Fi controllers, including WS5000, WS5100, WS2000, RFS4000, RFS6000, RFS7000, NX9000, NX9500 and Dependent APs (AP100, AP300, AP621, AP622 and AP650).
  • All Independent access points Symbol, Motorola and Zebra, including AP-4131, AP-5131, AP-6521, AP-6532, AP-7131, AP-7522 and AP-7532.