Site Survey

WLAN Site SurveySite Survey is almost an essential foundation for building a new or expanding existing Wi-Fi network.

When performing a site survey, we use a test Access Point that is placed as near as possible to the location of future position. With a mobile device (preferably the same type that will then be used in the business), we then walk through all the surrounding areas and measure signal quality, interference, and data rate. We also use a notebook with a dedicated radio card and an application that allows you to create so-called heat-maps, ie. a color indication of signal strength, interference, data rate, SNR or other parameters above the building plan, both in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

The wireless network can be designed without site survey, only on the basis of available site plans and some additional information. However, there is a risk of later problems: interference from surrounding sources, environments, building materials, etc. are not taken into account. Therefore, we always recommend making site surveys when building WLANs.