Configuration Packages

Configuration packages (sometimes called Golden Images) provide a simple and effective way to put Zebra (Motorola, Symbol) mobile terminals into production state and ensure settings and software resistance to cold/clean boots and/or battery removal/discharge. The main advantage of this solution is that you can configure your mobile terminals at any time by yourself.

When to use configuration packages

  • You need to deploy larger quantity of mobile terminals quickly and efficiently and do not want to stay with the manual configuration of each of them
  • You want to ensure that display calibration, setings and installed software resist against cold/clean boots

How to install configuration packages on mobile devices

  • Using special barcodes, wirelessly via Wi-Fi or GPRS / 3G or via an Ethernet base from an FTP server. You can test how it works by setting the Zebra (Motorola) mobile device to factory defaults. The video (in Czech) contains an example of the initial configuration of the MC3190 and MC2180 mobile terminals using barcodes.


  • Use a local connection to a computer using Microsoft ActiveSync / Windows Mobile Device Center (WinCE/WM) or ADB / USB (Android). The video below (in Czech) illustrates an example of installing a configuration package to the MC3090 via USB ActiveSync.