Mobile Terminals

Motorola mobile devicesA mobile terminal is an enterprise mobile device utilizing usually a barcode or RFID reader (1D laser or 2D imager). Mobile terminal is controlled by operating system. The most popular operating systems on the enterprise mobile devices currently are:

  • Microsoft Windows CE
  • Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld (Windows Mobile)
  • Google Android

Data transmission can be performed either in batches or through any kind of wireless network. Mobile devices most commonly communicate with ERP systems using standard client applications (IE, Citrix Client, Telnet Client etc.) or customer-tailored applications. A mobile terminal is often thought as portable and handheld, powered by internal rechargable battery. But there are also many fix-mounted mobile devices inteded for the use in the vehicles or forklift trucks.
Other names for mobile computers are mobile terminals, mobile barcode readers, portable barcode readers etc.

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