Application Development

MCL Designer for MT2000If you want to make the most of the Zebra MT2070 and MT2090 sensor options, a customized application is the best solution.

Application examples

  • Batch inventory, receipt or dispensing of goods: the operator scans the barcode of the merchandise and inputs the quantity from the keyboard
  • Printing shelf labels on a mobile printer.
  • Batch keyboard scanner: barcodes scanned by the user are stored in the internal memory. Then the scanner is connected to a PC via USB or keyboard interface, data are transferred the same way as if they were entered manually from the keyboard (does not require PC application changes).

Due to the nature of the scanner, we recommend it for simple applications only. For more complex programs, it is better to use more flexible mobile terminals.

We prepare the MT2000 applications in the MCL-Collection for Motorola MT2000. It is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool. The main advantage is the speed of application development. On the MT2070, the interpreter of the MCL code is pre-licensed, Thus, the user has no additional expenses in addition to the cost of the application.